Trailer: Pro-Israel all-stars team up with ex-FBI informant in anti-Occupy documentary

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David Horowitz and the late Andrew Breitbart have teamed up with Brandon Darby in a feature length “exposé” on the Occupy Wall St. movement. The film, Occupy Unmasked is glossy, aided by snazzy production effects and shoddy investigative reporting, and suggests a secret agenda by the Occupy movement against the Tea party. Citizens United, the corporate personhood advocate, is producing the film.

Screen shot 2012 03 05 at 6 01 00 PM
Brandon Darby boasting on his work and an FBI informant on Twitter.

The film’s lead talking heads, Horowitz and Breitbart, are longtime pro-Israel hardliners. Both of their respective news websites, FrontPage Magazine and, have become outlets for brandign the Occupy movement as anti-Semitic. During the first few weeks of the Occupy movement, Horowitz’s online outlet jumped on labeling Occupy as anti-Semitic:

The question is not why the left supports the anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street. The question is why the left seems to support anti-Semitism across the globe.

There have even been attempts to tie Occupy to Hamas. In a recent interview, Breitbart told Fox News that Occupy was learning its tactics from the “Hamas playbook…trying to incite violence with the police in order to foment a greater violent revolution.” 

Brandon Darby, a former FBI informant and a one time respected activist, also co-stars. The ex-informant initially gained national attention after hurricane Katrina, when he and a former Black Panther co-founded the Common Ground Collective, a New Orleans radical humanitarian organization. As an FBI informant, Darby is believed to have entrapped David McKay and Bradley Crowder, two young activists at the 2008 Republican National Convention. McKay and Crowder both received hefty prison sentences for making Molotov cocktails (without intending to use the explosives) at Darby’s behest. Activists suspected Darby was an informant following the arrest of McKay and Crowder. Then, in 2008 Darby’s confessed: “the simple truth is that I have chosen to work with the Federal Bureau of investigation.”

Pro-Israel, anti-Occupy

For Darby, Israel plays a central role to his move from the radical left, to informant, to budding pundit. Darby claims that in 2007 Riad Hamad, founder of Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund (PCWF), asked him to launder money to Hamas. According to Darby, he faced a moral crossroad and he decided to alert the FBI. As a result PCWF, like other charities sending humanitarian aid to the occupied Palestinian Territories, was shut down.

Federal investigators never found evidence substantiating Darby’s allegations against PCWF. In a bizarre close to the case, in 2008 Hamad was found dead. The aid worker was spotted floating in a Texas lake with his hands and legs bound. The policed ruled the death as a homicide.

Brandon Darby ows
Brandon Darby at Occupy Wall St. (Photo: Lee Stranahan)

Currently, Darby is a contributor for where he blogs about Israel, Republican politics and the Occupy movement. With his charming smile and charismatic voice Darby is also the newest darling of C-PAC. At the GOP conference last fall he slammed the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), exclaiming: “you’re funding the killing of Israeli children. Screw you.”

Aside from his public engagements, there are also rumors Darby aims to infiltrate the Occupy Wall St. movement. However, even with the new dapper look, seasoned activists recognize Darby. Last fall in Oakland, Darby was spotted at the occupy camp. Immediately, flyers with Darby’s picture were circulated to campers. 

Andy Stepanian from the Sparrow Media Project uncovered Darby’s work with Breitbart and the Occupy documentary. Occupy Unmasked is scheduled for release this spring.

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  1. Dan Crowther
    March 7, 2012, 2:04 pm

    Portrait of integrity right here — this guy makes me sick. F Breitbart. And Horowitz.

  2. American
    March 7, 2012, 5:57 pm

    No end to their intrigue and deception is there?
    I am sure they would like to provoke violence to take down Occupy but they might make Occupy even larger and more popular and find they got more than they bargined for with these tactics.

    • Allison Deger
      March 8, 2012, 12:01 am

      Breitbart and Darby’s comments paint Occupy as a violent movement that provokes the police to respond harshly (Horowitz, on the other hand, seems to be more interested in exposing anti-Semitism).

      Darby has been spotted around Occupy a few times, doing field research for the film. With his reputation for antagonistic behavior, Occupiers fear he is trying to provoke violence–violence on himself–to later report on the scuffle as an example of Occupies rage.

      We’ll see how it all turns out.

  3. ToivoS
    March 7, 2012, 7:09 pm

    It is a real occupational hazards being a left-wing activist. Provocateurs have been around from the beginning of time. But then again it can be real occupation for a sociopath left-wing activist. Sorry to say it, but we do attract our share of such individuals. This brings to mind Chris Hitchens. Now tell me there is not a divine wind out there — who would have predicted just one year back that in a year Hitchens and Breitbart would dead and gone.

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