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April 2012

Ending Israel’s occupation is the only way to truly invest in Palestine

Hedy Epstein on

Editor’s Note: United Methodist Kairos Response sent out a email today saying that the divestment resolution will be considered by the conference plenary tomorrow. You will be able to watch live here. In 2004, the end of one of my first journeys to the Israeli-occupied West Bank, I endured a shocking experience at Ben-Gurion airport […]

The push for divestment continues as the Methodist General Conference enters its second week

Anna Baltzer and Sydney Levy on

Palestinian Methodist Missionary and Pastor Alex Awad outside the Tampa convention center where the Methodist divestment vote will take place. (Photo: Anna Baltzer) At this moment, the United Methodist Church (UMC) is holding its General Conference in Tampa, Florida. About one thousand delegates are considering whether to divest from companies that profit from the Israeli […]

Beinart’s Blindspot: Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state

Matthew Taylor on

Like other Mondo contributors, I find Beinart’s new book to be brave, important, and blinkered all at once. The biggest problem is Beinart’s false, idealized image of pre-1967 Israel as a “flawed, but genuine democracy.” This doesn’t work because even within the green line Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state. Reference the international law definition of the crime […]

John Wesley advises Methodist delegates on divestment

Joe Catron on

Congregants prepare frond crosses for Palm Sunday in the Church of Saint Porphyrius, Gaza, Palestine (Photo: Joe Catron) As delegates to the United Methodist Church’s General Conference 2012 debate whether it is good and proper for their tithes and offering to sustain military contractors directly responsible for the control, displacement, and killing of their fellow human beings in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and elsewhere, perhaps some will benefit from Wesley’s thoughts on […]

The Peacemakers of Palestine and Israel

Joe Parko on

Most media reports coming from Israel and Palestine focus on the conflict there. The impression you get is that Jews and Palestinians are interested only in making each other suffer. As a Quaker who tries to follow Christ’s call to be a peacemaker, I wanted to see for myself what was happening there in terms […]

Zahi Khouri to Methodist conference: ‘We don’t need charity; we want freedom to help ourselves’

Pam Bailey on

When United Methodist delegates gather as a plenary to vote on church policies this week, two petitions will be presented that reflect opposing approaches to helping Palestinians. The first is the approach Palestinian Christians themselves have asked for: divestment from companies that support the occupation. The second, re-written by the Financial Administration Committee, calls only […]

‘When Netanyahu and I look up we see nothing but the sky’ — Deputy Messiah Barak

Matthew Taylor on

Barak, messianic Former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin’s discourse-warping indictment of Bibi and Barak as self-anointed messiahs is not hyperbolic criticism; it’s based on (among other things) an actual megalomaniac Barak statement: “At the end of the day, when the military command looks up, it sees us — the minister of defense and the prime minister. […]

Boots on the ground: Israel wants hikers with guns to visit renamed hilltops in West Bank

Annie Robbins on

Hiking in Palestine Israel’s defense ministry chose to distribute hiking books to over 20,000 members of bereaved families as a memorial gift ahead of Memorial and Independence day celebrations. The book, chosen by committee members of the Public Council for Soldier Commemoration, includes at least 50 sites in the West Bank and directs hikers to trek […]

Media ignores eight Palestinian hunger strikers as they near death

Allison Deger on

Palestinians in Gaza protesting Israeli prisons at the Red Cross office on April 23, 2012.          (Photo: Mohammed Abed/AFP) Palestinians are railing against Israeli administrative detention, imprisonment without charge, with over 2,000 prisoners currently on hunger strike, two of which are in critical condition, now in their 59th day of strike. Yet the new wave of […]

Huge Co-op in UK dumps suppliers linked to Israeli settlements

Annie Robbins on

The Co-operative Group Head Office city center Manchester The Boycott Israel Network (BIN) sent out the following press release earlier today: Palestine human rights campaigners today welcomed news that the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, The Co-operative Group, will “no longer engage with any supplier of produce known to be sourcing from the Israeli settlements”. […]

Progressives to Jewish establishment: Ray Kelly doesn’t deserve support

Alex Kane on

Donna Nevel, a leading activist in Jews Against Islamophobia, protests outside the Simon Wiesenthal Center. (Photo: Ryan Chavis/NYU) Earlier this year, the leadership of the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York penned a fawning Op-Ed in favor of Ray Kelly, the head of the New York Police Department (NYPD). It was titled “The Case […]

Denver billboards lead to– hold on to your hat– spirited debate!

Annie Robbins on

The Stop $30 Billion Campaign put 10 billboards up in Denver for four weeks last month, and 10 new ones for four weeks this month. They are due to come down this week. This follows the 48-foot-wide flag billboard on I-40 in New Mexico, which ran for six months in the latter half of 2011. […]