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April 2012

Ending Israel’s occupation is the only way to truly invest in Palestine

Hedy Epstein on

Word came down this afternoon that the Methodist divestment resolution will be considered tomorrow in front of the conference plenary. Here, Hedy Epstein explains how divestment is a “strong, humane and prophetic response to the injustice daily faced by the Palestinians.”

Beinart’s Blindspot: Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state

Matthew Taylor on

Beinart’s new book to be brave, important, and blinkered all at once. The biggest problem is Beinart’s false, idealized image of pre-1967 Israel as a “flawed, but genuine democracy.” This doesn’t work because even within the green line Israel has always been a non-democratic apartheid state.

The Peacemakers of Palestine and Israel

Joe Parko on

Most media reports coming from Israel and Palestine focus on the conflict there. The impression you get is that Jews and Palestinians are interested only in making each other suffer. As a Quaker who tries to follow Christ’s call to be a peacemaker, I wanted to see for myself what was happening there in terms of peace-making efforts by ordinary people that often go unnoticed and unreported.

Investment in Palestine no substitute for divestment from oppression

Pam Bailey on

On Friday, a United Methodist Church subcommittee voted to amend a call on the church’s Pension Board to divest from three companies that enable the occupation, to instead look for opportunities for Palestinian investment. However, support for divestment was sufficient enough to force a presentation in support of divestment to the full conference sometime next week.

Huge Co-op in UK dumps suppliers linked to Israeli settlements

Annie Robbins on

Palestine human rights campaigners today welcomed news that the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, The Co-operative Group, will “no longer engage with any supplier of produce known to be sourcing from the Israeli settlements”.