A European says, You can stick a fork in Israel

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The author shared the following anecdote with Phil Weiss, who asked permission to publish because it demonstrates the degree to which Europe is done with the current regime in Israel. And this was before the Danish cyclist video went viral.

I had an interesting “coffee” with one of my ex-stepmothers (’67-’77) at the airport. She lives in England, I seldom see her. It may be the only time I’ve ever spent an hour alone with her. She’s 68, is on the borders of (or in) the Establishment, married to a City guy who was a Euro MP for a while. Upper class but still striving. She has a pedigree, with dukes and prime ministers among her forebears. She’s smart but not educated– very busy, well organized, dominating personality– works for a faintly neoconnish think tank and is starting a sort of “community relations” center for London’s poor. She’s quite formidable. Anyway, in our talk, she said among other things that Israel is finished. All the smart Israelis leave or will leave. There won’t be any two states, it’ll be one state. These are quotes. Very surprising, given the kind of person she is.

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