Steve Rothman spins Danish cyclist attack as propaganda coup

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An aide to New Jersey congressman Steve Rothman, who is in a redistricted-primary fight for his political life, tweeted the following yesterday: 

Imagine another ME country doing this? [email protected]: Israeli Officer Who Struck Protester Is Dismissed

Something tells me this Congressional aide won’t be tweeting this story by Yossi Gurvitz yesterday:

Undercover IDF soldier kills Palestinian in drill, goes unpunished 

Two weeks ago, undercover IDF soldiers carrying out a drill in a Palestinian village in the West Bank killed a resident after several mistook them for burglars and attacked them. Israeli press buried the real story: The fact that the IDF used Palestinians as drill props – and killed one. 

…a team of armed Duvdevan [counterterrorist] soldiers (who wander around dressed as Palestinians, not in uniform and without obvious weaponry) decided to hold an infiltration practice drill in a Palestinian village. …[T]he villagers – who suffered recently from a wave of burglaries – took them for burglars, and attacked them with cold weapons, wounding one. The gunmen returned fire, wounding two of the people who were trying to defend their home and property. One of them later died of his wounds. The other was kicked in the face while handcuffed.

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