‘When Netanyahu and I look up we see nothing but the sky’ — Deputy Messiah Barak

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Barak messianic
Barak, messianic

Former Shin Bet head Yuval Diskin’s discourse-warping indictment of Bibi and Barak as self-anointed messiahs is not hyperbolic criticism; it’s based on (among other things) an actual megalomaniac Barak statement:

“At the end of the day, when the military command looks up, it sees us — the minister of defense and the prime minister. When we look up, we see nothing but the sky above us.” – Ehud Barak

In the Jewish religion, Yahweh is not just “the one and only true G-d,” he resides in the sky.

Brings to mind this classic techno song. “Who loves you and who do you love? The Messiahs! Without further ado, it’s time…to start…BOMBING IRAN!”

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