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May 31 2012

25 Knesset member and J14 advocate: Jail all human rights activists who support African migrant workers and send them to work camps

16 AP investigates the ‘Made in Israel’ label

12 Killed by Syrian government — but young filmmaker had focused on Israel

8 The audacity of our ancestors

16 9th grade Palestinian boy arrested at 3:45 am, soldier leans close and whispers ‘F*ck your mother’ as they haul him off

14 ’5 Broken Cameras’ is reminiscent of ‘The Battle of Algiers’ (but the ‘NYT’ can’t tell you that)

10 ‘Fear and censorship’ — How NY Jewish Y locked out young Jews’ discussion of boycott

31 Why was political adviser Axelrod present when Obama and security aides picked ‘kill list’?

9 Israeli soldiers and settlers order Palestinian villagers to sing ‘I love Israel’

10 Israeli ‘peace camp’ reconvenes to receive free Madonna tix; Israeli anti-occupation activists say no

24 ‘We’re not waiting for consensus’ — Rebecca Vilkomerson

109 Beinart’s spiritual errors

3 Twitter-assisted suicide

May 30 2012

24 ‘NYT’ chronicles underground passage from Egypt to Gaza

70 Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain to label products from Israeli settlements

7 Controversy over Jerusalem ‘Museum of Tolerance’ featured in the ‘Daily Beast’

31 ‘Wired’ comment board is consumed by Israel/Palestine argument

20 Palestinians evicted from homes in Jerusalem to make way for settlers’ biblical theme park

125 High Israeli official hints, We made the Flame virus

19 Senate legislation on Palestinian refugees does not put ‘US interests first,’ Sen. Leahy says

May 29 2012

14 Beyond the pale: NYC Jewish community center cancels workshop on Palestinian nonviolent movements

4 A flurry of attacks against Palestinian women, students and children

15 Visualizing Palestine: Where the color of your license plate dictates which roads you can drive on

10 Romney seeks backing of ‘pro-choice, social liberal’

32 Daniel Pipes says he and Steve Rosen drove Senate re ‘so-called’ Palestinian refugees

20 The crisis of Zionism

117 ‘Hath not a Palestinian eyes?’: Protesters disrupt Habima performance at Globe

0 Settlers steal a village’s lands and — leader of nonviolent protest (with a family to feed) is imprisoned

14 A mother sends ‘a message to the whole world’ about the Palestinian will

54 The antiwar thinktank: West Point

21 The crisis of integrationism

May 28 2012

36 WaPo unearths…. Iranian plot to assassinate US embassy officials

290 Alterman says BDS shares Ahmadinejad’s agenda, and Hezbollah’s too

75 Fear, the African refugees and the cost of maintaining Israel as a Jewish state

May 27 2012

49 Netanyahu govt to impose fines on mayors of cities that employ migrant workers

40 Resume builders: Be a broken record on Iran, cheer authoritarians in Gulf

3 UN Committee: Israeli system ‘tantamount to apartheid’

58 Slater on Beinart

5 And we live on…

16 US official — we went to Israel first

May 26 2012

64 Israel lobby’s favorite senator tries to erase Palestinian refugee status for millions

4 Israel takes 30 dunams of land near Salfit ‘for security reasons’

42 Aaron David Miller: After a short ‘peace process,’ look for war with Iran in 2013

May 25 2012

0 Rafah march for deteriorating hunger strikers as family appeals for support

7 Rafah’s nicest tunnel: Siege meets surf in Gaza

29 Iranian talks fail after neocon ‘blitz’ — as Obama dispatches aide to reassure Tel Aviv

9 Saving Illinois from Senator Kirk

0 Human rights activists will hardnose the highway from Woodstock to Catskill

60 American Zionist responses to Tel Aviv riots– largely indifferent, but some outrage

9 Division: Romney supporter puts kibosh on Wasserman Schultz appearance at Miami temple

May 24 2012

261 US to differentiate between ‘personally displaced’ Palestinian refugees and their descendants

20 Bob Simon misses the story on Tel Aviv

2 ‘This is not fair play’: Mahmoud Sarsak’s family demands his release as he enters 67th day of hunger strike

27 Senate fight today over the number of Palestinian refugees

19 Turkish prosecutor recommends ten life sentences for Israeli generals behind Mavi Marmara attack

63 Day after pogroms, Likud MK calls for internment camp for African refugees

10 Munayyer in the ‘NYT’: ‘For all the talk about shared values between Israel and the United States, democracy is sadly not one of them’

33 ‘Obama will only go as far on Iran as AIPAC permits him to go’

56 Because of all my father and mother did to liberate Europe (I go to the West Bank)

3 The occupier’s agenda: divorcing Gaza from the West Bank

27 Aaron Sorkin’s anachronism

May 23 2012

86 Video: Israeli mob demands all African refugees be deported from the country (and anyone who disagrees deserves to be raped)

13 Honest broker? Israeli consulate sponsors Obama’s former Middle East peace adviser at Stanford talk!

23 Avigdor Lieberman to Jews worldwide: ‘You must love me’

8 ‘Fail Again and Fail Better’: Matan Kaminer on J14 Protests in Israel

27 Why ‘Brand Israel’ is failing

15 Philip Roth on the Israel lobby

10 If Obama really has things under control, then why the loose talk from CentCom’s Mattis?

59 Did Israeli Eurovision contestant watch too much Juliano Mer Khamis?

4 The charmingest flashmob you ever did see

18 U.S. and Israel coordinate– and signal hard line in Iran talks

123 Affirming a Judaism and Jewish identity without Zionism

5 Israel Land Administration charged with race and gender discrimination

26 ‘Where is my children’s democracy?’ The Jilani family speaks out two years after the execution of Ziad

9 Bill Clinton’s $80 million swagbag includes some dough from ‘Israel First’ interests

May 22 2012

83 Passive-aggressive George Bush namechecks neocons for getting us into that mess

25 ‘Foreign Policy’ peddles productive Iranian war theory

4 Palestinian Authority and Israel on an arresting spree, children and activists detained

2 ‘Homeless in Your Own Home’: New website focuses on housing issues of Palestinian citizens of Israel

26 Google is partnering with Technion and Cornell in NY

97 Israeli judge to issue verdict in Rachel Corrie case

128 March of the Flags

21 Biden meets major Israel lobby group at White House

13 Latest video’d settler shooting could defuse third rail in US discourse

May 21 2012

8 Israelis sling racial epithets to mark 45 years of a Jerusalem ‘unification’

85 Bill Kristol celebrates Republican Party purge of ‘oldfashioned Arabists’ Scowcroft, Baker and Bush I

17 Nabi Saleh’s Bassem Tamimi convicted by Israeli courts based on coerced testimony from 15-year-old boy

254 The Messiah’s Donkey: Settlers fire on Palestinian villagers as the Israeli military watches

8 Joe Pitts and ‘The Family’

3 The Interior Minister’s call to expel African immigrants, in context

9 This is the gang that is going to save the world economy?

33 Neocons in Washington Post: Military strike on Iran would ‘calm nerves in the region’

May 20 2012

3 South African artists, intellectuals and gov’t ministers take steps to isolate Israel

157 Aharon Appelfeld’s rage at the German language (and Arendt’s need for it)

97 Feeling the hate in Long Island

35 The awakening: Missouri paper runs a Jew’s call for equal rights for all

26 Monumental Dutch exhibit: Zionism built ‘a house, a cage, a UN shelter… a zoo’

23 ‘King Bibi’ is ready for his close up, and ‘Time’ is willing to oblige

2 A tale of two festivals

May 19 2012

41 Kristol: ‘I don’t see it as a huge problem’

28 New US demographics make Israel’s demographic fears seem all the more prehistoric

33 What forestry teaches us about ethnic cleansing

0 Amnesty: Conversation on Facebook led to Syrian torture of Palestinian journalist

7 Pinkwashing and lifestyle liberalism

65 Danish right-wing: ‘Made in settlement’ labels preempt Israel’s expanding borders

May 18 2012

88 WaPo’s Walter Pincus says US is ‘going above and beyond for Israel’

66 U. of Haifa stops Nakba commemoration, as prof writes hate post calling for ‘Many Nakbas’

30 BDS victory: South Africa strips Ahava’s ‘made in Israel’ label

1 Censored children’s art show returns to California in San Diego exhibition

6 In photos: San Francisco commemorates Nakba

75 Killing Without Consequence: New campaign challenges Israeli impunity
Annie Robbins and Adam Horowitz

May 17 2012

64 Neverending Nakba: Israel breaks lull, attacks Gazan farmers

27 In ’92, AIPAC president raised $1 million for Bill Clinton — and he supported the settlements

6 House Dems slam NYPD spy program as throwback to ‘dark chapters’ in US history

73 International attention must be paid to the Palestinian nonviolent movement
Mustafa Barghouthi

3 On Nakba Day: ‘World must pay its historic debt to Palestinians’

32 Dershowitz attacked from right for supporting two-state solution

6 Daily escalations in Occupied Palestine

75 Walzer says Jews were on the left because the left supported Jews

8 Removing MEK from the terrorist list would raise chance of war

May 16 2012

38 A London interruption

18 Nakba consciousness-raising… in our nation’s capital

3 Hunger strikes and Nakba aside, it’s been a busy week in the Middle East

41 ‘New York Review of Books’ calls it ‘apartheid’ and prepares Americans for the end of the Jewish state

24 American’s cartoon on Israeli site shows Netanyahu cannibalizing Obama and compelling him to service him sexually

48 Rep. Pitts in damage control mode following call for Arafat-Sharon negotiations

11 It will be easier for our movement of subcultures to change the US than to change Israel — Sarah Schulman

68 More ‘magnet than a mallet’: RAND Corporation warns against striking Iran

49 Green Party candidate for President calls for end to Israeli apartheid

May 15 2012

11 Al Jazeera exposes 2nd anti-Islam class taught to US military officers

13 Nobel Prize laureate J. M. Coetzee appears to boycott International Writers Festival in Jerusalem

1 ‏Inside, outside, Never Mind

7 Over the Wall

13 Exporting the occupation: Israel markets its drone expertise to the world

10 Nakba 64 years later, we will never forget

49 Oren’s defensive piece on ‘sinister’ delegitimization movement shows boycott is working

2 For Palestinians, the Nakba has been perpetuated for decades

40 Peter Beinart’s cognitive dissonance on ‘threats to Israel’s demographics’

17 Nakba Day 2012: Refugees waiting, 64 years and counting

2 Palestinian hungers strikers end historic action

60 ‘The Nakba is BS’: Right-wing Israelis protest student-run Nakba commemoration at Tel Aviv U

44 The left lacks an analysis of the neocon rise

May 14 2012

43 West Virginia newspaper: ‘Apartheid imposed on Palestinians’

12 Israel still holds 1000s of political prisoners, including 27 Palestinian members of Parliament

17 Peter Berg: Israel attacking Iran is a more important issue than my board game-inspired film ‘Battleship’

8 Hardline Israel backers gave cash to Rep. Joe Walsh, author of Op-Ed calling for Israeli apartheid

33 Report: Palestinian prisoners reach deal to end historic hunger strike

45 AIPAC’s Iran resolution (What if Congress had told JFK he couldn’t ‘rely on containment’ with Soviets?)

3 Emotions on graduation day for a daughter of the Holy Land Five

5 At Ohio State, a week of events on the Nakba and apartheid

60 ‘Orgy in the desert’ fails to wed young Jewish woman to Zionism

14 I Want My NPT: A weekend review of Iran nuclear program propaganda

4 Pogroms — Palestinian teachers and veterinarian have their cars taken away from them

23 The neocon machine

8 Activists block entrance to Ma’ale Adumim settlement in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strike

285 On the sidewalk in Hamburg– ‘Hier wohnte’

May 13 2012

29 In power shortages, cuts should go to ‘Gaza first,’ says Israeli minister

8 Israeli officer threatens to rape Palestinian activists in custody (if this happened in Syria it would be headline news)

0 Palestinian writers call for boycott of Jerusalem int’l writers’ fest

33 Artifacts of the early Israel lobby: 1917 map for American consumption

32 Congressman Joe Pitts: ‘It is incumbent on Ariel Sharon and Yasir Arafat to restart a peace process’

49 Foxman says Google and Facebook are on his team to combat ‘internet hate’

33 Thaer Halahleh, dying, tells the daughter he’s never seen why he took a stand for human dignity

May 12 2012

1 Scorched earth in Bil’in

19 Obama’s Jewish liaison reached out to Orthodox group that coddles those charged with child abuse

5 Yes, what if Kobe Bryant were an imprisoned Palestinian soccer player?

42 House support for Israel damages prospects for peace

12 Protests on behalf of prisoners sweep the West Bank

28 Mandy Patinkin speaks his truth

61 We’re still losing

May 11 2012

9 State Dep’t has nothing to say about hunger strikers ‘one way or another’

4 Thousands march across the West Bank in support of the prisoners’ hunger strike

5 CNN’s Amanpour interviews Kopty and Pollak on Palestinian prisoner strike

23 The Israeli consul is selling ‘brand Israel’, but very few in one upper west side synagogue are buying

196 Liberal Zionists are afraid their parents will reject them if they come out

15 Palestinians shut down a second int’l aid organization to demand action on dying hunger strikers

12 ‘NYT’ child abuse story is latest episode in a great awakening

8 Settlers knew Ulpana was built on privately-owned Palestinian land but went ahead

13 Neocons + Goldberg see coalition as heightening likelihood of war

May 10 2012

87 US military officers taught to target civilians and wage ‘total war’ on Islam

52 Right of Return key goes on tour

5 Rejecting boycott, Tom Rob Smith and Tracy Chevalier prepare for Jerusalem International Writers Festival

95 ‘NYT’ exposes pattern of Ultra Orthodox community covering up sexual abuse, punishing accusers

12 Netanyahu gets special audience on nuclear talks

6 The media Israel complex

5 ‘Follow the money’ rule suddenly applies when the issue is gay marriage

7 Under mounting pressure from hunger-strikers and UN protest, Ban Ki-moon criticizes administrative detention (but weakly)

4 New ‘Via Dolorosa’: Palestinian patients face ordeal trying to reach East Jerusalem hospitals

8 Nowhere to go — Jahalin Bedouin homes slated for destruction outside Jerusalem

6 Obama’s next evolution: Nakba remembrance outside White House next Tuesday

May 9 2012

30 Akiva Tor: Arab Spring at fault for blocking a future Palestinian state

32 Why I Am Not a Liberal Zionist: A response to the Huffington Post’s ‘Liberal Zionists Speak Out’

8 Oren-Asali photo leads to call for Asali to resign from American Task Force on Palestine

10 New Pew Center poll highlights growing Egyptian revulsion at peace treaty with Israel

7 Al Jazeera’s ‘The Stream’ tackles racism against African refugees in Israel

4 Standing up for equality at the ‘Equality Forum’ celebration of Israel

10 Publicly-funded Hebrew charter schools serve as ‘vanguard’ for Israel –Forward

5 Report from the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike, and the movement growing to support it

12 ‘You see that we are rising–no longer in the shadows of the ghosts of Deir Yassin’ –Phil Monsour/Rafeef Ziadah

25 Michael Scheuer says Israeli lobby has tied American gov’t down like Gulliver

348 A portrait of a former Zionist (Part 1)

May 8 2012

42 Biden gives Israel the green light on Iran in speech to rabbinical convention

16 Israeli military raids office of human rights organization ‘Stop the Wall’; steals computers and hard drives

12 Shaul Mofaz, Netanyahu’s new partner, ordered ‘revenge’ op that killed Palestinian police in 2002

7 ‘Battle of the Empty Stomachs’: Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Diab surpass 70 days on hunger strike

7 In ‘Nation’ BDS debate, Barghouti demands rights, Avishai pleads to protect ‘progressive and creative’ Israeli elites

18 Ehud Barak looks to revive collective punishment policy in the West Bank

46 ‘Death of a Salesman’ came out of an intermarriage

16 Why no condolences from Obama to David Cameron?

52 ‘Liberal and enlightened’– and all white

2 Israel destroys al-Araqib for the 38th time

10 Haaretz’s ‘Palestinian and Arab Affairs correspondent’ will speak at event for US Friends of the Israeli army

25 It’s Good to be the King: Netanyahu scraps elections, buys off opposition and cements power with new unity gov’t

May 7 2012

31 High Court refuses Israeli gov’t petition on Ulpana, will the repercussions be felt in the Israeli elections?

19 ICG: The peace process is a ‘collective addiction that serves all manner of needs, reaching an agreement no longer being the main one’

8 Brilliant judges rule that administrative detention is copacetic

32 Secrecy pact over Israel’s nukes, reached by Nixon and Meir, serves policy of ‘nuclear coercion’ to avoid peace deal

65 After LGBT forum, Oren will headline for notorious homophobic pastor John Hagee

15 That was Jane Harman of Newsweek trying to quash Medea Benjamin’s stellar soliloquy against drones

15 Operation Glass Houses: IDF agent provocateurs admit to throwing stones at the IDF in Bilin

60 Are Obama and Netanyahu now joined at the hip for election season?

May 6 2012

33 Palestinian students at Israeli college say they were forced to stand to honor war dead

8 It is shocking to see a farmer having to go thru a military checkpoint to get to his land

234 Who’s the anti-Semite?

43 Watching propaganda in a Missouri synagogue

2 Settlers poison grapevines belonging to occupied village, Beit Ummar

May 5 2012

35 Olmert says ‘superior powers’ — U.S. Israel lobby– took him out in 2009

140 I always knew Nana was Jewish, but it only came up once

51 ‘Let go of two-state solution insanity’ — says Illinois congressman who supports transfer

32 Feminist scholar Katherine Franke refuses to be pawn in Oren’s equality game

1 Khader Adnan, Tunisian minister, 100s of Gaza women, and Hamas express solidarity with hunger strikers

13 ‘Holocaust-obsessed fantasist’ rides high in the polls

15 BDS Scorecard: Methodists recommend sanctions & boycotts; reject divestment

May 4 2012

16 RIP MCA: Yauch challenged Islamophobia and US militarism in the Middle East on MTV in 1998

17 Bin Laden docs show that alleged Iran-Al Qaeda alliance is neocon hype

6 Native American and Indigenous Studies Scholars defend UCLA Professor David Shorter and supporters of BDS

3 As prisoners’ hunger strike grows, solidarity expands in Gaza

17 It took decades for South Africa boycott resolutions to gain traction

24 ‘NYT’ highlights Palestinian hunger strikers as latest form of ‘resistance’ (Where’s NPR?)

40 It’s apartheid in the West Bank, but Obama and liberal Jews are too ‘intimidated’ to say anything — Perlstein in Rolling Stone

17 Israeli police use new force on Palestinians as protests mount in support of hunger strikers

6 Israel’s sassy gay best friend tells it to ‘look at your life and look at your choices’ before you start WW3

5 Jesse Lieberfeld speaks: When they told me to stand by Israel, ‘that’s the logic of the white south in the 60s’

24 Egypt grants travel permits to Palfest participants to enter Gaza

19 ‘Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ mounts denial campaign against ’60 Minutes’

79 The Methodist conference: Let’s call this victory what it is

21 Michael Sfard: ‘The Israeli government has declared war against the rule of law’

May 3 2012

101 Beinart warns Jews that not talking to Palestinians and anti-Zionists ‘makes us stupid’

0 Situation for Palestinian Hunger Strikers grows more and more dire– 2 at death’s door

2 It is only 20 minutes from my village to the ruins of Iqrit — but 63 years of dispossession

20 ‘NYT’ fails to disclose Kershner’s tie to Israeli government-linked think tank

41 Israeli official tours Europe in attempt to influence Iran talks

4 Israeli dramaturgist: ‘Habima theatre is an active participant in Palestinian oppression’

10 Growing chill between Obama and Muslims could prove a headache in November

0 New doc’y on Jahalin Bedouin expulsion goes up on Youtube, with Alice Walker, Roger Waters

50 Israel destroys dairy farm in occupied Palestine

32 The benedictions of Benzion Netanyahu’s racism

47 Video: United Methodist Church votes against divestment

3 No books, no writers, no words for Gaza

May 2 2012

45 ‘Shame on You’: Why I interrupted Obama counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan

25 Obama working to postpone UN investigation into settlements until after 2012 elections

25 Dershowitz gets booed for warning Israel supporters not to boo Obama

15 New petition challenges Horowitz smear invoking Nazi holocaust to attack BDS

24 Obama nutmegs Romney with Netanyahu condolence call referencing ‘the Jewish people’

14 Hillary Clinton’s invocation of ‘our values’ in Chen Guangcheng case highlights total abdication of that policy in Palestine

98 United Methodist Church rejects divestment

May 1 2012

11 To counter the injustice of Israeli impunity, remember the Samouni family

75 Israel closes investigation of those responsible for al Samouni family massacre, no legal action taken

12 Another Christian apostasy on NPR (when will non-Zionist Jews get some air?)

0 Thaer Halahla and Bilal Thiab in serious condition after 63 days on hunger strike

9 ‘Tear down this wall’ Hillel tells… Israel? (No, University of Illinois)

119 Video: #Flagwoman protester raises Palestinian flag on Israeli military vehicle outside Ofer prison

5 Palestine solidarity activists to join Occupy’s May Day of action

6 His excellency Michael Oren to address American Jewish organization on ‘facing our challenges together’

21 When Netanyahu described Iran as Amalek — read, Hitler– NYT passed this along as rational thinking

1 Israeli settlers start building new outpost north of Ramallah

2 Mass Palestinian prisoner hunger strike reminiscent of the first Intifada

2 Yale Press’s best of Jewish culture ends with a whimper, Dershowitz

6 Jerusalem writers fest requires speakers to submit speeches for review in effort to avoid criticism of Israel

25 ‘J Post’ says David Remnick is ‘conflicted’ and ‘born of Jewish parents’