American’s cartoon on Israeli site shows Netanyahu cannibalizing Obama and compelling him to service him sexually

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A lot of people are talking about Eli Valley’s cartoon called “The Hater in the Sky” that is up at +972. It is an imagined encounter between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama as astronauts in space, and at its climax Netanyahu demands sex from a submissive Obama and eats his limbs too, he says in order to survive– even as the PM is cheered on by earthlings Eric Cantor, Eli Lake, Alan Dershowitz, Jen Rubin, Mitt Romney et al.

I gather some Israel supporters are het up about the cartoon. I am waiting for the blood-libel press release any minute from the ADL.

Well guess what, this is actually all that can save the American Jewish community: fierce debate about the Zionist captivity. That means angry, inspired portraiture. Do you remember Roy Cohn in Angels in America? Tony Kushner helped change America. Sexual metaphor is a satirist’s tool. And we need all the tools we can to to dramatize the disgrace that the Israel lobby has made of Obama. (And what does it mean that this cartoon is published in Israel, not the U.S.?)

Oh, here’s Foxman:

Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, criticized cartoonist Eli Valley’s newest creation, which depicts Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raping President Obama and eating his limbs as he forces him to implement his demands, which include the deployment of an American built “intergalactic robot ray gun” to protect Israel from “possible meteor showers.”..

“Its offensive and obnoxious and crosses the line,” Foxman said….

“Cartoonists usually have much greater leeway of criticism because they are cartoonists, but even within that framework it crosses the line,” he told the Algemeiner.

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