Biden meets major Israel lobby group at White House

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Move along now. Nothin goin on here. From Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed Politics, yesterday:

WH: Biden met today at the White House with representatives of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

And here is MJ Rosenberg saying that the three black politicians who lately broke with Obama, notably Cory Booker, all have goldplated Israel lobby connections. His analysis:

“[Alabama Rep. Artur] Davis… received 76 percent of his 2002 contributions from outside Alabama and largely from New York City… ‘I have never accepted money from AIPAC,’ Davis said, ‘My relationship has been with donors who are members of AIPAC.’”

[Harold] Ford is not a creature of AIPAC but of right-wing Democrats in general. See this story on how he tried to depose Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi in 2009 for being too liberal. However, his ties to the AIPAC crowd were demonstrated after he lost his bid for a senate seat and chose, as his next career move, the chairmanship of the Democratic Leadership Council — the now defunct group whose raison d’etre can be summed up in the banner: pro-Likud, pro-big business. It’s marquee figure was Joe Lieberman. And its marquee issue was supporting the Iraq war.

The bottom line is that Booker, [Artur] Davis and Ford are Democrats with an asterisk. And the asterisk is AIPAC. That is why it is those three who are attacking Obama while every member of the House Black Caucus  are out there backing Obama with all they have.

So what does their defection mean? Only that these are three ambitious guys who have sized up the political landscape and decided to stick with the guys who brought them to the party.

This is the sort of reporting I’ve always wanted, someone pushing the idea that the lobby is a central force in our politics, a ridgeline, and making that case. That is my belief, that George H.W. Bush lost his job in part because of the lobby and Bill Clinton got his in part through the lobby and George W. Bush learned the lesson and Obama is now learning it. But no one’s really connected the dots, let alone established the facts.

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