Latest video’d settler shooting could defuse third rail in US discourse

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Yesterday Annie posted on the shocking settler attack on unarmed Palestinians in ‘Asira al-Qibliya in the occupied West Bank, with Israeli soldiers standing by. Yossi Gurvitz notes the international attention to the incident and says that it should lead to removing the Israeli Defense Forces from the West Bank and replacing them with an international peacekeeping force:

Not only does [the IDF] support the transferring of Jewish population to occupied territories, which is a war crime, and not only does it protect this population (yet another war crime), it consistently allows the settlers to harm persons which according to the laws of war are under its protection. And the laws of war, again, are the only pretext for the IDF’s presence in the West Bank…

The IDF has had 45 years to prove it is capable of doing its duty as an occupying force; it failed. It’s time to bring forward a new military force, which can defend the indigenous population from the predatory one.

At the Atlantic, Robert Wright has jumped on the Asira al-Qibliya story:

settlers have repeatedly, with their impunity all but guaranteed, burned or cut down the olive trees of Palestinian farmers. And it helps explain why some settlers apparently feel comfortable shooting at Palestinians while Israeli soldiers are a few feet away. All of this notwithstanding the fact that the settlers live in the West Bank in violation of international law, whereas the Palestinians are there lawfully.

Wright is indicative of a major change in the climate: leading media figures understand that the Israel/Palestine story is a great important story and they are tired of its being a third rail in our politics.

Philip Giraldi at CNI says that the U.S. has reached a tipping point and the media are finally going to engage in a ferocious debate about the future of Israel:

now we Americans have finally reached our tipping point. Recently Peter Beinart, a Zionist and defender of Israel for many years, released The Crisis of Zionism, which explains how Israel has become an armed camp dedicated to repressing and even expelling its Palestinian helots. … The book has predictably provoked a firestorm of criticism from the pro-Israel establishment, but Beinart is not alone. Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman of The New York Times, both Jewish and both longtime friends of Israel, have voiced the same concerns, namely that Israel no longer represents the liberal and humanistic values that they themselves cherish. It has been noted in passing that young American Jews increasingly do not view Israel in positive terms, a sign, if one was needed, that the older generation that believes Israel is always right, no matter what it does, is passing into history. And it does not end there. Even the mainstream media is now, perhaps reluctantly, on board. [60 Minutes, etc]

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