Mandy Patinkin speaks his truth

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Watch and listen to this impassioned speech by Mandy Patinkin at the Peace Now Conference in Tel Aviv today. He tells a story of a journey to Hebron 30 years ago with his pregnant wife. They blessed their unborn child by rubbing her belly on the stone of Isaac’s tomb and he contrasts this with the pain he felt by what he witnessed returning on this trip.

That’s only the beginning of the story. Listen to him talk about his fears, facing his fears and finding strength. There are times his anger and frustration comes thru. After signing the petition of support for Israeli artists refusing to perform in the settlement of Ariel he got slammed:

I call myself an American Disneyland Jew… safe never attacked… we live in freedom, I was attacked in my own homeland, by my own people.

 Patinkin hosted the conference.

(Hat tip Dena Shunra)

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