Avraham Burg: World must tell Israel it can’t be ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’ & the last colonial occupier in the Western world

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Former Israeli Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg endorses boycott of settlement products in The Independent – what Peter Beinart calls Zionist BDS:

[The world must] tell Israel that it is impossible to be treated as “the only democracy in the Middle East”, while it is also the last colonial occupier in the Western world.

It is not anti-Semitic and not anti-Israel to convey these messages. On the contrary: the settlers, the conquerors and their political allies – including Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel – are the real enemies of Israel’s future….

I have decided to not buy any product that comes from the settlements. I do not cross the Green Line, not to promote public causes and not for family events.

So-called Honest Reporting, an Israeli propaganda outfit, calls Burg “Peter Beinart on steroids” and compares him to neo-Nazis:

Screenshot from Honest Reporting. See the related news.

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