London Olympics security contractor’s role in occupation is giving BDS ‘traction and respect’


Haaretz has an important story, the mounting political heat in London over the fact that security at the Olympics has been contracted to G4S, whose Israeli subsidiary enforces the occupation. The attention is giving BDS “respect and traction,” the Israeli government sense. Excerpts:

Now, with the mainstream media beginning to pay attention and after a prominent Labour peer, Lord Hollick, set to ask the government in Parliament next week whether it has examined G4S’ record in the West Bank before awarding it contracts – this [previous acceptance] may change.

Over the last few months, Israel’s foreign ministry has voiced concern that the BDS campaign – which until recently did not seem to be attracting support outside relatively small circles of activists – is now gaining traction and respect.


[T]he Israeli Embassy in London said: “It is astonishing to learn that assisting in stopping suicide bombers and protecting people in coffee shops or children on buses is a stain on the record of a commercial company. We can only wonder what ideology lies behind the demonstrators’ revulsion at the fact that so many Israeli lives have been saved.” The response added that “maybe the experience in stopping Palestinian terrorists is what makes this company the most suitable for providing security at the Olympics.” 

Selling security by advertising the occupation? Will the Parliament see Five Broken Cameras? Will it consider racist Israeli security measures at its airport?

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