UPDATE– Photo of two Israeli soldiers holding hands was faked

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Pinkwashing on Facebook
Pinkwashing on Facebook

Update. Earlier today we posted this photograph sent out by the Israel Defense Forces. Well it was staged and faked. From the Times of Israel:

A picture of two male Israeli soldiers holding hands, posted by Israel’s military spokesman and circulated widely on the web this week as part of gay pride month, was staged and is misleading, The Times of Israel established Tuesday.

The newly hip, multimedia-savvy IDF Spokesperson’s Office posted Monday on its Facebook page a photo of two ostensibly gay soldiers, one seeming to belong to the Givati Brigade and the other to the Artillery Corps, holding hands and walking on a city street.

In fact, the two soldiers in the photo are not a couple, only one of the two is gay, and both the soldiers serve in the IDF Spokesperson’s Office.

The picture appears to have been taken on Itamar Ben Avi street in Tel Aviv, around the corner from the Spokesperson’s Office headquarters.

This picture’s up at Facebook, where the Israeli Defense Forces write:

It’s Pride Month. Did you know that the IDF treats all of its soldiers equally? Let’s see how many shares you can get for this photo.

Headline by Kiera Feldman, who brilliantly mocks Tom Friedman, here.

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