What was Sheldon Adelson’s one question to Romney before giving him $10 million?

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From the Wall Street Journal’s political blog. Sheldon Adelson is giving Mitt Romney’s super PAC $10 million. Emphasis mine:

On a trip to Las Vegas late last month, Mr. Romney and Mr. Adelson had a private meeting….

People close to Mr. Adelson said that he wants to be certain about Mr. Romney’s positions on key issues, including support for Israel against aggressors in the Middle East. Mr. Adelson has publicly criticized President Barack Obama’s support of Israel as too weak.

We can be sure that Adelson also demanded Romney’s support for settlements and an undivided Jerusalem, given Adelson’s passion on those issues.

More questions, following from the headline:

Do you think this money will have any effect on Romney’s positions? Did Adelson’s generosity to George W. Bush in the runup to his election in 2000 have anything to do with the accession of the neocons into his administration and the abandonment of the “peace process”? Do you think Romney’s positioning will affect Obama’s positioning? Would Romney’s position on abortion affect Obama’s positioning? If this foreign policy case and abortion case are different, why are they different?

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