Who knew! Hummus and falafel are ‘Israeli foods’

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David Lebovitz is a big foodie. He worked at Chez Panisse for years in Berkeley. Now he’s in Paris. So he’s hip. Yes and he hasn’t got a clue. Here he is riffing on a recipe for an Israeli dessert. By the way, I think this is unconscious hasbara. That is to say, the guy is so immersed in mainstream culture and its assumptions– Israel is his hostess’s “favorite place in the world”– that he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know.

I’ve never given Israeli food all much thought. Sure, I’d had my fill of falafels and hummus in my lifetime, but there is a trip in my future and I was at a dinner party the other night and the woman hosting us had lived in Israel for a number of years and said it was her favorite place in the world.

Other people at the party chimed in saying also that the food was great – especially the salads, something I miss from years of living in California – all those vibrant, fresh greens and luscious tomatoes bursting with flavor that we had an overload of at the farmers markets! But I’ve never given much thought to Israeli desserts.

Update. Thanks to Henry Norr for changing Israeli desert to dessert.

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