‘Atlantic”s Rob’t Wright says Alex Kane deserves an apology

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Earlier today we defended ourselves from a smear written by Armin Rosen published at the Atlantic site, saying that this website is anti-Semitic. Well Robert Wright, who is also at the Atlantic, has denounced that piece as McCarthyite in its aim at Alex Kane, and offered a spirited (and slightly qualified) defense of our site. Excerpt re Kane:

I want to reiterate that calling Rosen’s regrettable piece McCarthyite–as I’m doing–doesn’t depend on whether you do or don’t think any of those Mondoweiss pieces is beyond the pale. Because the person Rosen attacked–the person whose voice Rosen is trying to silence–didn’t write any of those pieces.

It’s kind of amazing, when you think about it. You write a piece arguing that a given person shouldn’t be allowed to write for respectable publications, and at no point do you make critical reference to anything this person has ever said or written!

I guess by Rosen’s logic I am now personally responsible for his article–because, after all, it appeared on the Atlantic’s site, and I work for the Atlantic. Well, I’m happy to say I disagree. But maybe my connection to the Atlantic at least entitles me to offer an apology to Alex Kane. He certainly deserves one.

Andrew Sullivan– who has also been accused of anti-Semitism–  links Wright with approval here. It’s nice to see non-Jews offering opinions about what is anti-Semitic and what isn’t. A propitious development. Vigilance about bigotry is, or should be, a universal attribute.

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