Islamophobia, Shmislamophobia! 97% of Homeland Security security grants go to Jewish orgs

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From Haaretz, by Natasha Mozgovaya:

U.S. Jewish NGOs to get 97% of Homeland Security’s defense grant in 2012

While the budget has shrunk in recent years, the threat to Jewish institutions has not changed; as a result, Jewish non-profits will receive a record percentage of the funds.

Jewish non-profit organizations in the United States will receive 97 percent of the funds granted by the Department of Homeland Security for the fiscal year 2012, money which is aimed at dealing with security threats those institutions face.

The grants total $9.7 million of about $10 million (of $128 million distributed by Homeland Security since 2005).

I suppose this is what one might call the White House’s recycling policy. None of that money is likely to go to waste; some may indeed be deposited back into the Obama 2012 campaign chest.

I remember I was once on a panel with a Sierra Leonian journalist at a university event and one student asked us about the endemic corruption in our respective societies. We looked at each other and laughed, because that was the day Tony Blair had been offered a multimillion-pound book contract by Rupert Murdoch and even the most hopeless optimists didn’t expect Blair’s book to shift enough copies to recover that price. We had been talking about it earlier and the Sierra Leonian remarked that the only thing that separates our third world societies from the US and Britain is that though we both have corruption, the West has been successful in eliminating the word from its vocabulary. To be fair, I think there is also another difference: most of the corruption in the West happens at the top: in the third world, it is more democratic with complete equality of opportunity.

Update: Nathan Guttman of the Forward reported on this earlier this year, saying the grant program was tailored to Jewish organizations.

Jews face special risks that require vigilance, though there is no “specific, credible threat” against Jewish targets, Janet Napolitano, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, told the Forward during a visit to the newspaper’s New York offices.

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  1. Les
    July 3, 2012, 12:22 pm

    How much of the Homeland Security budget has been off shored to Israel?

  2. Kathleen
    July 3, 2012, 12:40 pm

    I remember reading about the disproportionate amount of Homeland Security money going to Jewish groups years ago. Forget who wrote about this. Remember Joe Liebermann was the head of this committee for years.

    • Ellen
      July 4, 2012, 5:32 am

      And Chertoff wrote the language of much of the legislation around the homeland security industry — in particular that Israeli contractors enjoy indemnification from US courts. That little tidbit was slipped in right before voting. Our legislators rarely read what they vote on.

      Instead a twenty-something might read it with a lobbyist standing over them interpreting it for them, assuring the aid tells his/her boss to vote the “right” way.

  3. Avi_G.
    July 3, 2012, 12:42 pm

    So the Obama administration is trying to squeeze out the last ounce of campaign contribution and vote it can from the American Jewish community, eh?


    Does that mean that the synagogue in which I used to teach Hebrew will finally start giving teachers respectable gifts every holiday instead of those 99¢ store “gifts”?

  4. ColinWright
    July 3, 2012, 1:53 pm

    I don’t object to Homeland Security funds going disproportionately to Jewish groups. Given the need for such funds at all, that makes some sense.

    But where’s the threat? Post-9/11, has there been a single authentic plot uncovered? In the overwhelming absence of a threat, how long are we going to continue to spend this money and employ all those extra cops and stand in these lines and empty our pockets and take off our shoes? Can all of it be demonstrated to have successfully frustrated or deterred a single attack? Is it going to go on forever?

    It’s a bit like going camping and building ‘barricades against bears.’ You could do this: as a boy, I saw a troop of especially energetic Boy Scouts do it.
    The safety argument would be unimpeachable — and it would follow that you should do it every time, and in perpetuity.

    But are we really going to? Are my great grandchildren going to be standing in these frigging lines and still paying for the frigging personnel to forever watch with dulled eyes the endless scanner screens, forever devoid of threat?

    • MRW
      July 3, 2012, 5:21 pm

      @ColinWright, watch Part 3 of The Power of Nightmares by Adam Curtis.

    • Kathleen
      July 3, 2012, 7:57 pm

      Would be interesting to actually have the stats on what facilities have been threatened the most. Jewish temples, Mosques? The funds should go where people or facilities are threatened

    • American
      July 4, 2012, 10:11 am

      “I don’t object to Homeland Security funds going disproportionately to Jewish groups. Given the need for such funds at all, that makes some sense.”…Colin

      What need? You think some terriers are going to waste their time blowing up a little Jewish school instead of some big US symbol?
      How many anti semitic incidents in the US as reported by the FBI —-900 out of 300 million people….miniscule.
      How many attack on blacks…..2540 incidents…a lot more.
      How many Iraq and Afghan war vets committing suicide…..a 50% increase just last year.
      The money could be put to better uses.

  5. radii
    July 3, 2012, 3:09 pm

    let’s not forget that Paul Bremer “lost” $1 billion in cash while he was running Iraq, and Rabbi Dov Zackheim “lost” $2 TRILLION while overseeing the Pentagon’s budget … war is a racket and the zionists are first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth …. thirty-fifth, thirty-sixth … fifty-first, fifty-second … seventy-ninth, eightieth in line before anyone else even gets a crack at that government largess doled out by the US taxpayer

    • Charon
      July 5, 2012, 12:41 am

      Not trying to be nitpicky, but it’s $2.3 trillion. Adjusted for inflation it’s nearly $3 trillion. When it comes to taxpayer money in terms of trillions lost… that’s huge.

  6. Les
    July 3, 2012, 9:06 pm

    What country or political group supplied the polonium that killed Arafat? What countries in the Middle East have access to polonium?

    • ColinWright
      July 4, 2012, 1:02 am

      I imagine Israel murdered him. I’m starting to find it difficult to get outraged by these conclusions. It’s like getting upset at your dog because he chases squirrels. It’s just in his nature — and all this sort of chicanery is just in Israel’s nature.

      Lies about 1948, the ‘Liberty,’ spying on her allies and selling the information to her ally’s enemies, massacres of civilians, covert assassination and illegal killings of all and sundry, the constant humiliation of Palestinians, herding the Palestinians into ghettos, starting fights with the neighbors, endless attempts to manipulate the United States, black flag operations — this is Israel. What about it?

      • CloakAndDagger
        July 4, 2012, 1:18 pm

        this is Israel. What about it?

        Fine. Don’t get “outraged” at Israel, since “this sort of chicanery is just in Israel’s nature”.

        Get outraged at our government for taking our money and giving it to Israel to aid and abet its chicanery.

        Just get outraged.

      • ColinWright
        July 6, 2012, 3:33 am

        “Just get outraged.”

        No fear. Everyone in my family dreads the next Israel rant.

        I do need to come up with something more constructive to do though.

        For our minders: that means I’m thinking about writing a book.

    • Talkback
      July 4, 2012, 8:30 am

      Haaretz doesn’t publish my comment, that Alexander Walterowitsch Litwinenko was killed with Polonium, too.

      • ColinWright
        July 6, 2012, 3:34 am

        Haaretz doesn’t publish any of my comments.

    • Les
      July 4, 2012, 8:43 am

      We do know thanks to Uri Avnery in 2007

      On the way back from Arafat’s funeral in 2004, I ran into Jamal Zahalka, a member of the Israeli Knesset. I asked him if he believed that Arafat was murdered. Zahalka, a doctor of pharmacology, answered “Yes!” without hesitation. That was my feeling too. But a hunch is not proof. It is only a product of intuition, common sense and experience.

      Recently we got a kind of confirmation. Just before he died last month, Uri Dan, Ariel Sharon’s loyal mouthpiece for almost 50 years, published a book in France. It includes a report of a conversation Sharon told him about, with President Bush. Sharon asked for permission to kill Arafat and Bush gave it to him, with the proviso that it must be done undetectably. When Dan asked Sharon whether it had been carried out, Sharon answered: “It’s better not to talk about that.” Dan took this as confirmation.

      link to

      • Woody Tanaka
        July 4, 2012, 9:33 am

        Don’t worry, over at Kos, the geniuses there have it all figured out and concluded that it was the Pakistanis who did it.

        link to

  7. asherpat
    July 4, 2012, 2:47 am

    What is the connection between this article’s subject and the sensationalist first half of its headline?

    • Woody Tanaka
      July 4, 2012, 9:36 am

      It’s pointing out that the “Security” grants are a sham and are designed not to address threats to people, but as a way to launder money to Jewish groups. Left unsaid is the fact that this (along with support of the judeo-supremacists) is done by politicians in exchange for campaign contributions by American Jews.

      If it was based on threats, then more money would go to combat Islamaphobia.

  8. Talkback
    July 4, 2012, 2:51 am

    Should have called it “National home”-Security.

  9. Charon
    July 5, 2012, 12:44 am

    How many of these organizations have ties to Israel? I’m sure that’s where all the money is going. Homeland security is Israel-style security. KGB stood for Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti or Committee for State Security but also basically Homeland Security. Putting things in perspective here

  10. piotr
    July 5, 2012, 10:36 pm

    Several years ago I have experienced post 9/11 vigilance concerning terroristic threats. For years I was going about once a year for a hike with somewhat illegal route, because part of it followed a restricted shore of a dammed lake that forms a water supply for an Appalachian town. Now some cameras are probably installed on the access road (it is not a kind of place where you see humans often) and a policeman intercepted us, explained the reason for the vigilance and made us wait more than 30 minutes (ID check etc.) before letting us go back to our car and drive away. So the dam/reservoir made it to the list of ca. 100,000 putative terrorist targets.

    Thinking about it, one can invent a huge class of possible targets that are difficult to guard due to their location in the wilderness, indeed in the bear country, and need grants to be properly secured. For example, pipelines. Can one get a grant to investigate that issue? The problem I see is that it is easy to propose a believable scenario of damaging a pipeline, but hard to propose how to prevent it. But isn’t it the same with, say, a Jewish temple/school? To attack a pipeline I would probably need to steal dynamite from a quarry, but to attack some random temple, I just need a hunter weapon available in every larger store with “sporting goods” department. [I must stress that PERSONALLY I have no idea how to use explosives or weapons, but I have seen some movies and some hunters. The question is how to get a grant, not how to make an attack.]

    • ColinWright
      July 6, 2012, 4:06 am

      “…a Jewish temple/school? To attack a pipeline I would probably need to steal dynamite from a quarry, but to attack some random temple, I just need a hunter weapon available in every larger store with “sporting goods” department….”

      Now you’ve done it.

      “…[I must stress that PERSONALLY I have no idea how to use explosives or weapons, but I have seen some movies and some hunters. The question is how to get a grant, not how to make an attack.]”

      Uh huh. Should have thought of that a bit sooner. The bot doesn’t care. Good luck trying to fly anywhere now, buddy.

      …and I’ve quoted you. So much for Hawaii in November.

  11. ColinWright
    July 6, 2012, 3:44 am

    What HAPPENED, in my view, is that post-9/11, every conceivable law enforcement agency got deluged with money to ‘fight terrorism.’

    Well, what to do with it all? Gotta do sumpin…ain’t gonna work if we just say we don’t need it.

    I found out. I made my living during those years running my own long-distance moving company (me and the truck).

    The scales went nuts! Suddenly they were open all the time. Those guys were out there doing safety checks at 2:00 am on a Sunday morning. Not searching for bombs or anything — I think someone actually took a look inside my truck once. Just the usual logbook/brakes/lights/’you’ve got an awful lot of oil down there’ B.S. Only now about five times more frequently.

    So now you know where all your money went. To keep tabs on that fierce bad Colin.

  12. shankyxyz
    July 10, 2012, 4:33 pm

    does this have anything to do with hate crime statistics? FBI reports that jewish community is target of hate crimes year after year to a remarkably high degree, as compared to any other community. Maybe thats why the money goes there? just a thought.

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