In 2002, nearly 50% of Jewish Israelis supported forcibly removing Palestinians from the occupied territories – what are the numbers today?

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Correction and Update: it has been pointed out that the numbers below are from a poll taken in 2002 at the height of the second intifada. I’ve updated the post below. Now I’m curious what the numbers would look like today? It seems the Jaffee Center hasn’t conducted the poll since 2009, although there his this report summarizing findings from 2004-2009 (pdf) which states:

In the realm of basic political values, demography continues to supersede geography. Respondents were asked to rank four key values in order of importance: a country with a Jewish majority; Greater Israel; a democratic country; and a state of peace

Original report:

In 2002, Haaretz reported on a Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies poll taken by face-to-face interviews with 1,264 Jewish residents of Israel. Here are some of the results (all percentages are of Jewish citizens of Israel):

  • 46% are in favor of forcibly removing Palestinians from the occupied territories
  • 31% are in favor of forcibly removing Palestinian citizens of Israel from the country
  • When asked in a broader fashion, 60% said they supported “encouraging Israeli Arabs to leave the country”
  • 61% believe Palestinians citizens of Israel pose a security threat to Israel
  • Nearly 80% are opposed to Palestinian citizens of Israel “being involved in important decisions, such as delineating the country’s borders”
  • 72% are opposed to parties run by Palestinian citizens of Israel having a seat in a ruling coalition government
  • 40% support ceding control of East Jerusalem to the Palestinians as part of a peace agreement

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