Should maps ad be censored at Chappaqua rr station? a newspaper asks

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We’ve reported on Henry Clifford’s inspired ad campaign, which features four maps depicting the shriveling of Palestinian lands over the last century. A Jewish newspaper says the ads are “anti-Semitic and libelous.” The Chappaqua Daily Voice is holding an online poll asking readers whether the maps ads should be taken down at the Chappaqua station. That paper is evidently a bastion of free speech. The story features some anti-ads voices. Apparently the situation in that foreign country is just too complicated to allow someone in the U.S. to reduce it to an ad, I guess: 

Assembly member Robert Castelli (R, C – Goldens Bridge) was quick to call the billboard “anti-Israeli” and asked Metro-North President Howard Permut to remove it immediately.

“I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment right of free speech in the Constitution, and certainly a proponent that the people of Israel and Palestine should live in harmony together,” Castelli said. “However, the subliminal message that this particular billboard carries is an anti-Israeli message that I believe has just the opposite effect of creating peace and harmony between the Israeli and Palestinian people.” 

…“The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is extremely complex and cannot be summarized in a series of four maps,” said Ron Meier, ADL New York Regional Director in a statement.

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