State Dep’t report on talks with Israel says 0 about settlements and claims Iran seeks to develop nuclear weapons

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Shameless. Israel has moved to legalize Jewish colonization of “Judea and Samaria.” The US State Department has nothing to say about it, From the State Department this morning: “U.S.-Israel Strategic Dialogue”

Today, Israel and the United States convened their semi-annual Strategic Dialogue at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem. The Strategic Dialogue, the highest level regularly scheduled diplomatic meetings between the two countries, highlights the strong alliance and deep ties that bind Israel and the United States. Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon and Deputy Secretary of State William Burns headed the respective delegations. 

The two sides engaged in a productive, wide ranging discussion of issues of mutual concern. Special attention was paid to the ongoing changes in the region, which present both challenges and opportunities for progress. 

Iran’s continued quest to develop nuclear weapons, which the United States and Israel are both determined to prevent, the destabilizing role which it plays in the region and its promotion of international terrorism were addressed by the parties. 

The two sides agreed that the ongoing bloodshed inflicted on the Syrian population by the Asad regime, assisted by Iran and Hezbollah, is a source of major humanitarian concern and the continued violence of the Syrian regime against its citizens could also lead to severe consequences for the entire region.

Updated: Adds Phyllis Bennis:

“Fascinating – as usual, directly contradicts the official National Intelligence Estimate that says Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon (and of course doesn’t even know whether Iran has even decided to build a nuclear weapon). The official position would be that Iran is seeking potential nuclear capacity.

“I won’t say a word about the misspelling of Assad and the new claim that somehow Hezbollah is helping Assad, rather than the other way around.”

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