Latest hasbara campaign spotlights ‘Wi-Fi donkeys’

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While Israel despoils ancient landscapes, the US press is agog over the contrast between “Wi-Fi Donkeys” and “an authentic, ancient biblical experience” in a new Galilee theme park. Raw Story:

What would Jesus have tweeted?

The world may never know because there was no Wi-Fi on the donkeys he rode 2,000 years ago. But a biblical tourist park in Israel is now changing all that.

Visitors to Northern Israel’s Kfar Kedem can now post Instagram photos of themselves in biblical robes and headdresses because the donkeys there have Wi-Fi routers fastened around their necks, according to The Associated Press.

From the LA Times:

While some people may bemoan the Wi-Fi donkeys as an emblem of our culture’s addiction to a constantly connected lifestyle, you can’t blame [Menachem] Goldberg for capitalizing on a great viral marketing, social media opportunity….

His Wi-Fi donkeys will make it easier for visitors to Kfar Kedem to upload pictures of themselves at the village to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which might convince other people to come and check out the village themselves.

To life, to life, to Wi-Fi!

No mention of bull-dozed hills, valleys; fouled streams; uprooted and burnt olive trees, orchards; destroyed Mamilla cemetery in Jerusalem; not to mention barbed-wire, Wall, and the rest of the siege in Palestine.

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