4 arrested for ‘correcting… poisonous ad’

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Defaced ad
Four were arrested for placing these signs on defaced ad

The Islamophobic ad in the NY subways is spurring responses all over town, it seems. Last night Mona Eltahawy was arrested for spraypainting one of the Pam Geller ads, and Sherry Wolf (who’s helping to bring the Russell Tribunal on Palestine here) reports on an incident in the N-Q-R station last night:

Yesterday evening four of us—Palestinian, Jewish, Black and Brown, a multicultural united front against hate—were arrested immediately after posting a couple of signs correcting the racist subway ad in the 49th St. station. Downtown side of 49th St station, next to turnstiles, very busy and visible spot. We had initially wanted to use the premade stickers, but they were too big, so we created our own signs to post reading: “Racist Hate Speech” and “Arabs and Muslims Welcome Here.”

We were all held in jail for about 7 hours, released in the middle of the night tired and hungry, but proud to have participated with others around the city challenging these poisonous ads. We wound up in jail with journalist Mona Eltahawy who was arrested for spray painting an ad at Times Square around the same time as us. All four of us were given desk appearance tickets for Nov. 2, 2012. Eltahawy is to be released this morning after arraignment for criminal mischief.

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