Florida election theatrics: Netanyahu fearmongering on the campaign trail

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Netanyahu Sept 11 2012 “red line” speech Photo: AP

Predictably, a clip from Netanyahu’s theatrical September 11th apocalyptic “red line” speech has been turned into a campaign ad set to ominous sounding music with dire percussion crescendos. Maybe this helps explain why the Israeli press conference was in English instead of Hebrew?

The ad will hit the airwaves tomorrow in crucial Florida markets with high concentrations of Jewish voters. Though not identified in any way with Romney, the ad is obviously supportive of his candidacy.

At the end of the 30 second clip superimposed script appears, accompanied with voice over, reading “THE WORLD NEEDS AMERICAN STRENGTH” suggesting Netanyahu is the embodiment of that strength. Then the words “NOT APOLOGIES” fades in.


Bibi Netanyahu is not running a campaign in the US – it just looks that way in this new ad.

A spot featuring only the Israeli prime minister talking about Iran is set to hit the airwaves in select Florida markets tomorrow, a media tracking source confirms.

The spot is the work of a c4 called Secure America Now – which, thanks to its tax status, doesn’t have to disclose its donors.


Those markets house some of the state’s largest Jewish communities.

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