‘New Yorker’ launches Netanyahu caption contest: ‘The ridiculous deserves ridicule’

Looks like Bibi has pulled a complete Fonzarelli into shark jumping territory. The New Yorker, which runs a weekly cartoon caption contest, has branched out to photos. Inspired by Benjamin Netanyahu’s performance at the the UN yesterday, the magazine has started a caption contest for this photo:

netanyahu contest

The New Yorker‘s cartoon editor Bob Mankoff writes:

I know that the subject is serious; that is just one reason why the graphic, which he apparently made at Kinkos, is so ridiculous. And if Israeli intelligence thinks that’s what a real bomb looks like, maybe their other projections are off as well. I’m surprised he could get that thing past U.N. security.

Anyway, with the justification that the ridiculous deserves ridicule, I invite you to pile it on, using this photo as the basis for a caption contest.

You can follow the results on the Twitter hashtag #BibiBombCaption. Some of my favorites from the New Yorker comment section are:

- 47%? Pah – I don’t give a damn about 90% of you.

- You mean, let me understand this cause, ya know maybe it’s me, I’m a little fucked up maybe, but I’m funny how, I mean funny like I’m a clown, I amuse you? I make you laugh, I’m here to fuckin’ amuse you? What do you mean funny, funny how? How am I funny?

- This is how many Palestinians we’ve killed already in the 1st stage, Expected deadline for 2nd stage is ….

- The people at FedEx Office said that this looked better than our pie chart in the shape of a radioactivity symbol.

- If this doesn’t scare you, wait until you see my “BLAM!” card.

- If they get hold of a photocopier, there will be 1000s of these by next week.

- meep meep!


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  1. seafoid says:

    There is a very interesting contrast between Bibi’s mentality, as evidenced by the round bomb in the diagram, and the raison d’etre of the UN, which is to be seen in the round symbol on the front of the lectern and it says everything you ever wanted to know about Zionism

    • W.Jones says:

      That’s a good idea for a caption. “This is my draft to be interposed on the symbol below.”

      • seafoid says:

        how about

        “F*** your UN olive branches
        I’m here to bomb for Moshiach “

        • W.Jones says:


          What about the long held teaching that Moshiach is supposed to be the one who gathers and restores Israel?

          Do the modern rabbis have an explanation about this?

        • seafoid says:

          Modern Judaism is a land cult, as far as I can see. There appears to be very little attempt to keep the morality side going .

          When the ADL can say in a press release

          “…a harsh and divisive speech, which once again included false charges against Israel of racism, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution and war crimes and alleged Israeli government collusion with anti-Palestinian violence carried out by extremist Israelis”

          it is obvious that land is the only thing that matters.

        • W.Jones says:

          OK, but how do the land cultists, as you say, reckon with the traditional teaching that the Moshiach is the one who is supposed to gather the people? Aren’t there rabbis that try to deal with this turnabout in their traditions?

          Maybe not. After all, I think C.Z.s broke with longstanding Christian tradition, particularly St Paul’s idea that Christians are also Abraham’s spiritual descendants.

        • ColinWright says:

          W.Jones says: “Maybe not. After all, I think C.Z.s broke with longstanding Christian tradition, particularly St Paul’s idea that Christians are also Abraham’s spiritual descendants.”

          I’m pretty sure the conventional Christian view for most of the last two millenia has been that the Christians replaced Jews as the chosen people — i.e., they are not merely ‘also’ Abraham’s spiritual descendants, but his only spiritual descendants. Until the Jews repent and accept Christ as their savior, they are accursed. Muslims would be accursed as well, I assume.

          This is why Christians like to convert people so much — forcibly if necessary. Accepting Christ is the only way to salvation. It’s for your own good.

  2. dbroncos says:

    For the sake of making Israel look rediculous, with the hope that he will do real and lasting damage to Zionist ideals, long live Natanyahu! Long may he reign!

    • Shingo says:

      That’s the first idea that came to my mind too. Maybe Bibbi doesn’t want a war after all and had decided that it’s better to plead insanity than to back out.

  3. For folks who don’t know the reference in that second caption it’s from the movie Goodfellas – link to youtu.be. I think Joe Pesci would be a natural to play Netanyahu.

    • eljay says:

      >> … link to youtu.be

      That link’s broken. Here’s a working link to the clip.

    • adam, did you read the newyorker update? netanyahu gets to select the winners. i call that a cave.

      • Shmuel says:

        i call that a cave.

        I think it went something like this, Annie:

        PMO: Hi, I’m calling from the office of the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. The prime minister would like to speak to the editor in chief.

        NY: Oh, gosh, um. Putting your call right through.

        BN: David, how are you doing? How are Esther and the kids? Great. Great. I wanted to discuss your full page apology for this caption contest thing. It’s pretty offensive, you know. Not to me personally, of course, but to the entire Jewish people. You wouldn’t want me to casually let slip that the NY has gone the way of those other anti-Semitic/self-hating rags – the NYT and Haaretz – would you? That probably wouldn’t be very good for advertising or sales. You really should stick to those cute cartoons everybody has up on their fridge.

        DR: Mr. Netanyahu (BN: “call me Bibi”), Bibi, we really meant no harm. The guys were just having a little fun. No, I don’t think a second Holocaust is a laughing matter, but the bomb graph was just so over the top … I mean unusually creative. Look, just to show you it’s all in good fun, you pick out the winners. No politics, no profanity, no Palestinian rights … I mean baseless Arab claims. That way you come off as a helluva guy, and I save my bacon … I mean avoid misunderstandings.

        BN: I think I … I mean the Jewish people can live with that.

        DR: Thanks, Mr. Netanyahu … I mean Bibi. Great talking to you again.

        BN: Me too, David. Me too. Glad we cleared this whole thing up.

        • piotr says:

          Saving bacon? Shouldn’t that be goose lard?

          Does anyone know what Israeli politicians deliver to their constituents? I mean, probably not pork barrels…

        • Shmuel says:

          Saving bacon? Shouldn’t that be goose lard?

          I don’t know about Remnick’s dietary habits, but he did correct himself ;-)

          Does anyone know what Israeli politicians deliver to their constituents? I mean, probably not pork barrels…

          The late Avraham Shapira (MK, Agudat Yisrael) coined the term “kneidlach” (matzo balls) to refer to the benefits given to coalition partners (especially the religious parties) and their constituents.

    • Citizen says:

      I guess the young servile waiter serving the card-playing, paranoid, vulgar, shorty Peschi shoots in the leg for his own entertainment/to show everyone at the table who’s boss, would be a Palestinian.

  4. FreddyV says:

    I’m wiping tears of laughter……..

  5. LeaNder says:

    This has to be done visually to have more effect. It’s the visual Achilles heel of his perfectly planned speech, it’s climax.

  6. Shmuel says:

    My entry:

    So here’s my recipe for an Exploding Bomb: 70% gin, 20% fresh lime juice and just a splash of grenadine. It’s to die for.

    • pabelmont says:

      But only 500 Israelis to die; promise; cross my heart.

    • Citizen says:

      My entry:

      So, THIS is my country; we’ve had it UP To HERE! (He’s pointing at the black line) Nobody fucks with us Jews! When we get really mad–that’s the red line you see–We blow up! Take you out too! Samson Option, GET IT?

    • piotr says:

      Compare it with an on-line discussion:

      Do diesel rockets (monster energy drink, jim beam, and chocolate sauce) taste good?

      In: Lifestyle › Food & Drink › Energy Drink

      Rate This Answer
      Doesn’t matter how it tastes, it’s dangerous!

  7. flyod says:

    guys got a lot of killing to do if he wants to hit olmert numbers.
    clownish, cartoonish, bafoonish…nethanyahu is still the most dagerous man on the planet

  8. Chespirito says:

    Significant that the genteel, liberal-ish New Yorker is at ease now abusing Bibi. About time! Adam thank you for elucidating the Goodfellas quote, the Pesciness of Netanyahu is obvious now that you mention it.

  9. bobsmith says:

    This brings up flashbacks of Colin Powell. First he publicly lies at the UN. Then, after the lie is discovered, he claims he was lied to by unreliably foreign agents.

    The US embrace of this latest UN fib-fest by Netanyahu combines a little of both.

  10. American says:


    As my chart illustrates, 70% of the world does not recognize the Jewish State as We Who Must be Obeyed, when it reaches 90% of you not paying sufficient homage to us, we will be forced to institute our final solution and blow you all up.

  11. Shlomo says:

    This caption contest is great! Nothing like humor to deflate gasbags, especially dangerous ones like ever-bellicose “Bibi-the-Buffoon.”

    This could be one of those magic moments, like when McCarthy got deflated by attorney Welch. Joe couldn’t stop himself. Having demonized average Americans, he started attacking members of the armed forces. Welch, having heard enough, finally asked, “Senator, have you so sense of decency?” That ended McCarthy’s reign-of-terror.

    I hope Israelis are getting the message: the world is no longer buying the “criticism is antisemitism” equation. Americans are speaking out more and more, angry at Israel’s greed, arrogance, and thugishness. Sooner or later they will cut off aid, using the funds domestically (or for Ireland, Puerto Rico, etc. where more Americans have roots than in Israel). AIPAC will become as historically loathed as HUAC.

    Finally, I bet the poster Bibi holds is Mossad’s “top secret” diagram of Iran’s atomic bomb…despite its looking like a Christmas tree ornament. Too bad he didn’t go Dr. Strangelove and act out a bombing run at the podium with folded paper airplanes and sound effects. Would have topped Captain Queeg’s breakdown in “The Caine Mutiny”… hidden nukes replacing stolen strawberries.

  12. Abdul-Rahman says:

    The Zionists have reached more and more publicly absurd levels. This is also very evident by the people who come to their “aid” now; Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Pat Robertson, and a whole list of other famous wackjobs!

  13. W.Jones says:

    Caption: “I found the first draft of the DHS “threat level” color codes. I knew it was here somewhere.”

    Caption: “I have had it up to here with you guys.”

  14. seafoid says:

    We now control 90% of historic Palestine
    When we get to 100% Israel will explode
    I have just had an incredible insight on this podium.

  15. “We’ve decided that the reason this light-unto-the-nations thing hasn’t been getting the respect it deserves is that you’re all just too damn stupid to appreciate us. So from now on I’m going to spell everything out in words even you can understand. Now pay attention!”

  16. kalithea says:

    Caption: “This is my head, and as you can see, it’s about to explode at any moment.”

    My thought: Pleeeeeeeease make my day already!

  17. Here’s my caption:

    Dump Likud-Beiteinu
    Save Israel, Save the Middle East, Save America

  18. kalithea says:

    Caption: Note my stunning physique; my head is really where my ass should be and
    I’m 90% there! When I take my clothes off; I’m really, DABOMB!: link to youtube.com

  19. RE: “I know that the subject is serious; that is just one reason why the graphic, which he apparently made at Kinkos, is so ridiculous.” ~ Mankoff

    MY COMMENT: What I find interesting about the graphic/chart is that Netanyahu (not Iran) appears to have already lit the fuse (started the fire).

    AN EARLY AUTUMN EVENING’S MUSICAL INTERLUDE brought to you by the makers of new Ziocaine Xtreme®: It’s guaran-damn-teed to knock you right on your butt!

    I’m the trouble starter, fu**in’ instigator.
    I’m the fear addicted, danger illustrated.

    I’m the bi*ch you hated, filth infatuated.
    Yeah. I’m the pain you tasted, fell intoxicated.

    I’m the self inflicted, mind detonator.
    Yeah. I’m the one infected, twisted animator.

    I’m a firestarter, terrific firestarter.
    You’re the firestarter, twisted firestarter.
    I’m a firestarter, terrific firestarter… starter… starter…

    The Prodigy, Firestarter [VIDEO, 03:46] – link to youtube.com
    Prodigy, Firestarter (Live) Official Video [VIDEO, 04:22] – link to youtube.com

    P.S. CAPTION: I earned a degree from M.I.T., and this lousy chart is all I have to show for it!

      SPOKEN WITH A VERY FLAT AFFECTATION: “As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden. In the garden, growth has it seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.” ~ Bibi the Gardner

      Being Therelink to en.wikipedia.org
      Being There (1979) – link to imdb.com
      Being There (1979) movie script – link to sfy.ru

  20. Les says:

    I offer my Christmas tree ornament to all of peace loving mankind.

  21. seafoid says:

    When Zionism is openly ridiculed it becomes much harder to impose the traditional omerta and assassination policy.

  22. Dutch says:

    My caption:

    ‘Dad, what is that scary man going to do?’

  23. Denis says:

    It is amazing how the captions are increasing at an exponential rate at the NY’er. My vote for best so far.

    If it looks like a bomb, quacks like a bomb, and has red lipstick, then the world should start calling it a duck-bomb in drag.

    Amazing, too, is all the wonderful old cartoon characters the quotes evoke: Boris/Natasha, Bullwinkle/Rocky, Spy/Spy, Roadrunner/W. Coyote . . . American culture at its best being put to a noble use.

    But seriously, please go look at the vid of BoBo’s speech, and then have a look at Jon Stewart’s interview with King Abdullah II.
    link to thecomedynetwork.ca

    [The link may only work for Canadians, but TDS is easy enough to find.]

    Now close your eyes and try and imagine BoBo appearing on TDS. Disaster. As someone on another blog said in response to David Gregory’s idiocy: Netanyahu is not the leader of the Jewish people, Jon Stewart is.

    Seriously, Abdullah comes across as a sincere leader doing his best for his people. Maybe he’s a tyrant, I don’t know, but the difference in appearances is like Flippo the Clown v. Batman. The UN ought to immediately relieve Israel of the administration of the West Bank and give that task to Jordan. Israel has had its opportunity to sort out the mess it made, and it has only made it worse. Time to change the game.

  24. ColinWright says:

    Somebody at the New Yorker came up with a good one:

    “Yes, it’s an ambitious goal. But this is an ambitious bake sale.”

  25. libra says:


    “This could go off in my face.”

  26. HemiFaulk says:

    “yes my friends, $3 billion in military aid, that you know of anyway, and all we can afford is a $3 poster board & a marker.”

  27. kalithea says:

    Three more captions:

    1. As you can see from my “modest” drawing, my explosive solution is in its last and final stage. All that’s left is for y’all to swallow it first!

    2. Please bear with me while I channel Bush for a moment:

    3. Yes, I really am MAD, ’cause we Zionists have hundreds of idle nukes lying around that I might never get to use and I’m just itchin’ to exit in a blaze of Zionist glory after I drop THIS big one on Iran. So don’t say I didn’t warn y’all: we’re in the final stage of planning the end, my “friends”, and then it’s KABOOOOOOM!

  28. G. Seauton says:

    Caption: See this bomb cartoon? That’s my mental state. I’m this close to a complete psychotic blowup over not getting my way.

    Caption: See this bomb? That’s me. You know Monty Python The Meaning of Life? When I blow up, it will be like the restaurant scene — not pretty.

  29. Tuyzentfloot says:

    The traditional approach is to never fill it up to beyond the red line. Israeli inventiveness asks “why not flatten the bottom?”

  30. Tuyzentfloot says:

    Summarizing, our suggestion is to drop those oldfashioned laurel leaves and add this new top to the UN logo.

  31. Tuyzentfloot says:

    ..while the color markers of non-israeli children have already expired trying to fill this area.

  32. I was thinking just how bizarre this event was: angry, pompous, ego-maniacal Bibi, solemnly displaying his goofy, oddly miserable graphic. Surreal, even. Hmmm…

    Therefore, in homage to the great surrealist
    René Magritte and his famous painting… my caption:

    Ceci n’est pas une bombe

  33. Tuyzentfloot says:

    “Assuming you’ve all had it up to here with my scare stories, I will now proceed..”

  34. atractedyo says:

    It’s a shame that Netanyahu who is such a hateful liar is even allowed to spread all his falsehoods. If South Africa was forced to end apartheid, how come that Israel is allowed to continue with the apartheid policies that so unjustly punish the native Palestinians?

  35. ColinWright says:

    atractedyo says: “It’s a shame that Netanyahu who is such a hateful liar is even allowed to spread all his falsehoods. If South Africa was forced to end apartheid, how come that Israel is allowed to continue with the apartheid policies that so unjustly punish the native Palestinians?”

    Well, for one thing, South Africa was pretty honest as to what they were about. That was their first mistake.