Pinkwashing advertisement in NY, brought to you by Birthright

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A friend sent this mural from the West Village in New York; snapped it while running. It looks like some alumni of Birthright put it up–

Who would you want at your wedding? Photo by Michael Ratner

And it’s a pinkwashing appeal, stating that gays have much more freedom in Israel than they do in neighboring countries– including Gaza, which by the way is Israeli occupied territory. Sarah Schulman of course exposed this argument in her famous pinkwashing op-ed in the Times of a year ago, in which she said that Israel used an “image of modernity” — gay freedom — to cover up its denial of human rights to Palestinians. Israel advertises these freedoms in order to justify what it does. As does birthright! 

I look on Schulman as a teacher; and still this gay rights argument resonates in the U.S. –as would a women’s rights mural with a similar message. I know liberal Americans who are swayed by it. Quick answers: Palestinian culture being traditional doesn’t justify apartheid and human rights violations; political freedom for Gazans is bound to generate freedom in other realms; fundamentalist Christians and Jews are hardly tolerant of gays. And it’s not like the United States is there either, by the way…

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