Romney adopts Netanyahu’s ‘red line’ on Iran

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From Josh Rogin on Foreign Policy‘s blog The Cable:

On a conference call with American rabbis Thursday evening, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney altered his position on what “red lines” he would set for Iran before deciding military action was necessary.

“Your good friend Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu says that the international community needs to draw a red line for Iran. Do you agree that a red line needs to be drawn, and where would you draw it?,” Rabbi Efrem Goldberg asked on the call, a recording of which was provided to The Cable.

“With regards to the red line, I would image Prime Minister Netanyahu is referring to a red line over which if Iran crossed it would take military action. And for me, it is unacceptable or Iran to have the capability of building a nuclear weapon, which they could use in the Middle East or elsewhere,” Romney said. “So for me, the red line is nuclear capability. We do not want them to have the capacity of building a bomb that threatens ourselves, our friends, and the world.”

“Exactly where those red lines [should be drawn] is something which, I guess, I wouldn’t want to get into in great detail, but you understand they are defined by the Iranian capability to have not only fissile material, but bomb making capability and rocketry,” Romney said.

Romney’s remark that the United States should take military action if Iran develops nuclear weapons “capability” matches what many GOP leaders and pro-Israel groups have publicly stated, but it stands in contrast to the “red line” Romney set out in a Sept. 14 interview with ABC News.

“My red line is Iran may not have a nuclear weapon,” Romney told network host George Stephanopoulos. “It is inappropriate for them to have the capacity to terrorize the world.  Iran with a nuclear weapon or with fissile material that can be given to Hezbollah or Hamas or others has the potential of not just destabilizing the Middle East. But it could be brought here.”

Asked if his red line was the same as President Obama’s, Romney told ABC, “Yes.”

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