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October 2012

European NGOs to EU: Rhetoric is not enough, ban settlement products now

Annie Robbins on

Palestinians harvesting dates in the Jordan Valley settlement of Tomer (Photo: Jean-Paul Perrin) The EU imports over 100 times more per settler than per Palestinian. The EU issues statements about the illegality of the settlements, criticizes and condemns them, but has failed to take any meaningful action leveraging economic or political pressure. This undermines the […]

Carter Center ‘commends’ Christian leaders call for Congressional investigation into Israeli human rights violations

Adam Horowitz on

This morning the Carter Center issued the following press release: Carter Center Supports Calls to Investigate Human Rights Violations ATLANTA…The Carter Center commends the 15 Christian leaders who recently urged Congress to investigate human rights violations by Israelis against Palestinians that are obviously in violation of U.S. law. Like these church leaders, The Carter Center […]

Exile and the Prophetic: Palestine in pieces

Marc H. Ellis on

This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. Hurricane Sandy has left the Northeast in pieces. The question is how long it will take the region to function again. That’s on the physical level. Everyday life needs can’t wait. […]

Israeli military begins demolishing home in Beit Ommar with family still inside

Today in Palestine on

Seven Palestinians including three children, a woman and her son were arrested in Al Khalil Israeli authorities arrested seven Palestinians on Tuesday in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, including three children, a woman and her son. Said Raba, a Palestinian from the South Hebron Hills village of al-Mufaqarah, was arrested because he refused to […]

Medea Benjamin awarded US Peace Memorial Foundation 2012 Peace Prize

Annie Robbins on

   Medea Benjamin has been awarded the 2012 Peace Prize by The US Peace Memorial Foundation in recognition of “Creative Leadership on the Front Lines of the Antiwar Movement”. Benjamin was presented the award at a ceremony in New York City on October 28 by US Peace Memorial Foundation Chair Michael D. Knox. Knox thanked her […]

Crossing Hizma, the other Jerusalem checkpoint

Allison Deger on

View of settlements from Hizma checkpoint. Sitting on the number 18 bus riding from Ramallah to Qalandia I only see Palestinian life. The roads run through the valleys, and even with a discerning eye, there are no settlements in sight. But while Qalandia is the main route out of the West Bank for Palestinians, Hizma, […]

Israel announces 180 new settlement housing units in East Jerusalem

Kate on

180 new units in East Jerusalem [map] Settlement Watch EJ 29 Oct — The Israeli Land Administration announced last week the allocation of 180 new housing units in East Jerusalem for families of people from the Israeli security forces (the army and police). The decision was made in accordance with the Israeli Government’s decision from […]

‘NYT’ piece whitewashed occupation and Nakba

Philip Weiss on

We’ve already gone after Colin Shindler’s irresponsible piece in the New York Times yesterday that rubbed out the distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism because he relied on a dubious quote attributed to Nasrallah.  The piece is also irresponsible because it whitewashes the Nakba and the occupation, by framing contemporary anti-Zionism in an earlier generation’s dewy-eyed […]

Exile and the Prophetic: Do Jews and Palestinians ‘share’ the Holocaust and the Nakba?

Marc H. Ellis on

This post is part of Marc H. Ellis’s “Exile and the Prophetic” feature for Mondoweiss. To read the entire series visit the archive page. Don’t know if the huge storm will allow the event to proceed but at the New School tonight, Amos Goldberg, a Senior Lecturer at Hebrew University, is scheduled to be lecturing […]

Samira Shackle: The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination

Today in Palestine on

The Netanyahu-Lieberman alliance will accelerate isolationism and discrimination When I interviewed Professor Avi Shlaim last month, he said that the current Israeli government was “is the most right-wing, the most hawkish, the most uncompromising … in Israel’s entire history”. That could be about to get worse. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has announced that he is […]

War and the two Bible belts

David Bromwich on

The verdict against teaching evolution, in the Scopes trial, was delivered in July 1925. The Levy Report concluding that Israel’s administration of occupied lands in the West Bank is not an occupation was delivered in July 2012. Between these two events, a certain symmetry may be found, according to Zeev Sternhell. [Haaretz: The Dream Has […]

Israeli maker of ‘Gatekeepers’ says occupation is ‘past the point of no return’

Philip Weiss on

Important statement by Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh, director of wrenching film, The Gatekeepers, to the Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg. This is important because it is bringing the news to America about the occupation and the death of the two-state solution, news that the New York Times doesn’t want to tell us: Most striking to me […]

Celebrating Chomsky’s historic visit to Gaza

Abdulrahman Murad on

To have an international thinker like Noam Chomsky come last week to Gaza was a historical occasion that shouldn’t be unmarked. Many times my friends and I had been hearing professors in our university classes mention his name in the course of teaching the philosophy of language, particularly his theory of universal grammar. To me […]

Parents in Nazareth Illit: ‘There is no need for our children to be educated with Arabs’

Abir Kopty on

Lilach kindergarten in Nazareth Illit. (Photo: Eran Gilvarg/Walla News) Only few days ago Haaretz published disturbing, though not surprising, survey that was conducted among Jewish Israelis, where most Israeli supported Apartheid regime in Israel. Among many disturbing data in the survey, 42% of the questionnaires said they don’t want to live in the same building […]

Holy Land Five appeal could set precedent on using ‘secret evidence’ in U.S. courts

Allison Deger on

Holy Land Foundation Press Conference from Sparrow Media on Vimeo. On Monday the Supreme Court is expected to decide if it will hear an appeal that could overturn the conviction of the co-founders and chief staff of the Holy Land Foundation, a Texas-based humanitarian organization and once was the largest Muslim charity in the United […]