‘By God’s promise this land is ours!’ Settlers attack Palestinian oliver-pickers

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The film shows a settler attack on the Palestinian citizens of Tel Rumeida, and how the attacking settlers are guarded, aided and abetted by the soldiers of the Israeli occupation forces.

The film shows how the soldiers, rather than deter the criminal actions of the settlers, actually defend them. The film also shows how the occupation soldiers treat the Palestinians and foreign activists who are there to protect the citizens. Also the film documents the arrest of a 50 year old foreign activist, while settlers stand by insulting the Palestinians. According to Engineer Issa Amr, Coordinator of Youth Against the Settlements, the settlers and the IOF appear to coordinate attacks on the population in the area of Tel Rumeida.

The attacks have accelerated since the beginning of the olive harvest. These attacks include assaults on the citizens, destruction of the olive trees by cutting or burning trees, and theft of the olive harvest itself. At no time have the Israeli police and occupation soldiers done anything to prevent or stop the attacks and or theft. The occupation soldiers arrested Jawad Abu Eisha (34) and Imad Atrash (18) in addition to the 50-year-old solidarity activist, as they tried to prevent the settlers from attacking the people harvesting the olives in the region.

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