Endorsing Romney, Chi Jewish paper praises him for saying Jewish culture is superior to Palestinians

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The Chicago Jewish Star, a twice-monthly Jewish paper, has endorsed Romney as “the better bet for our country.” The phrasing indicates some defensiveness about the dual loyalty charge. The Star is emphasizing that Romney is better for America. And yes, the Star talks about jobs. But the Star does talk about another country several times. It begins with the Iran threat and later endorses Romney for his racist statements in Jerusalem in August, when he said that economic disparity between Israel and Palestine can be explained by Jews’ superior “culture.” Also, the editorial accuses Obama of “divisiveness.” Divisive toward Netanyahu?

We like Mr. Romney because he is able to travel to a hot-bed area like Israel and- openly, unapologetically, and accurately- commend the Jewish state for its achievements, while frankly acknowledging that it is Palestinian recalcitrance which has denied peace to the area.

…Mr. Obama’s unsatisfactory direction for America was rooted in untenable assumptions, fueled by arrogance, and promoted by divisiveness. We don’t need more of that.

It is not only that Mr. Obama thus deserves to be a one-term proposition; it is that Mr. Romney is simply the better bet for our country.

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