Garrison Keillor comes out, slightly

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From Garrison Keillor’s opening patter on the Sept. 29 edition of his “Prairie Home Companion” public-radio show: 

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This week was the high holy day Yom Kippur on Wednesday, and I should have said, last week, uh, to all the Jews in my life that you have nothing to atone for to me – you know, you’ve been wonderful people, and so none of you has any sins that you need to worry about as far as I’m concerned. Rich, Gary, all you guys there, … [proceeds to recite first names of many Jewish friends] and all my friends: nothing, nothing to atone for whatsoever. and I really feel bad that I didn’t say anything last week. I just really feel bad. I should have said something. You’ve got stuff to make up to the Palestinians for [laughter]. Your people have produced some really dreadful movies – some good movies, but, you know, some real stinkers as well. 

Speaking of that, the opening production of the Minnesota Opera Company is Verdi’s Nabucco…

Hear it here, starting at 4 minutes, 37 seconds. (h/t Marianne Torres)

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