Israelis celebrating Sukkot beat Palestinians worshipers

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(Photo: Ma’an News Agency)

On Friday in Jerusalem on the Muslim day of prayer Israeli tourists celebrating the Jewish fall harvest, Sukkot, attacked Muslims congregating at al-Asqa Mosque for Friday prayers. A large mob beat a group of Palestinians, resulting in the detainment of five Palestinians. Ma’an News Agency reported on October 5, 2012:

The Al-Aqsa Foundation for the Islamic Waqf and Heritage said around 140 Israelis toured the mosque, sparking physical and verbal scuffles with Muslims praying at the compound.

Israeli police spokesman Mickey Rosenfeld said five Palestinian citizens of Israel were detained for attacking the group, who were on a security-escorted tour for the Jewish Sukkot festival.

The attack comes as the latest example of vigilante violence in which large groups of Israelis assault Palestinians in broad daylight. Earlier in the week on Tuesday Ma’an also reported that another group of Israeli tourist also attacked Palestinians. It is unknown at this time if the two actions were related.

Mob violence against Palestinians in Jerusalem first gained attention last April when tens of Israeli youth attempted to “lynch” three Palestinians, while shouting “Death to Arabs.” During the outburst an Israeli police officer along with dozens of witnesses stood by and did not interfere on behalf of the Palestinians.

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