Last night’s farce: Any intelligent unbiased person watching this would ask, what’s with the US and Israel?

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Last night’s debate was a farce of pandering to Israel. Apparently even Chris Matthews complained about the pandering a number of times last night. Good for you, Matthews! Liberal Zionists are upset because they know this is death to the two-state solution. J Street: “…we are disappointed that neither candidate mentioned the most pressing challenge to Israel’s survival as a Jewish and democratic homeland: the lack of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

My friend Scott Roth took the debate hard, and angry. Here are some particularly piquant tweets I picked up off his feed. They read backwards in time, starting this morning: 

[This morning]

Scott Roth: BHO knows better than to have made the “wipe off the map” remark last night.

Nima Shirazi Nima Shirazi [email protected] Yeah, but Boca was craving it like prune juice.

Scott Roth [email protected] @WideAsleepNima perhaps, but I don’t care. And if true then he’s part of the problem.

@WideAsleepNima I was being facetious. It was unconscionable.

@scottroth76: sorry, I’m in a rotten mood b/c of last night.

[Last night]

Scott Roth retweet: @TheDersh: Obama is Betty. Romney is Veronica. Israel is Archie. And I can sleep soundly knowing apartheid & colonialism are safe.

Scott Roth: Thanks for a great job, Schieffer. You didn’t seem a day over 101.

Scott Roth: Obama wants China to play by the same rules as everyone else. What about Israel?

Scott Roth ‏: Romney said Palestinians! Cause he really cares about them.

Scott Roth: This Romney crap is what happens when 3rd rate minds like Dan Senor are your advisor(s).

Scott Roth: This is the choice we have Americans. Proud?

Retweeted by Scott Roth: [email protected] Um hm. Look at what you’ve helped [email protected]: Oh my God, this is becoming like a speech I give at UJA-Federation meetings.”

Scott Roth: This has become a joke.

Scott Roth: I’m vomiting now.

Scott Roth: 10 grand says this idea of indicting Ahmadinejad came from Dan Senor.

Scott Roth: Any intelligent unbiased person watching this debate would ask themselves what’s with the US and Israel?

Scott Roth: How about Israeli apartheid, Romney, you dumb shit.

Scott Roth: Oh, so now we’re going to hang people for genocide without genocide. Virtual genocide.

Scott Roth: If after watching this debate you are not convinced that Israel is a serious problem for this country, then you’re deluded.

Scott Roth: Fuck I was wrong. Obama said the map phrase.

Scott Roth: Iran and its people are suffering, because that’s what Israel wants.- Obama.

Scott Roth: With friends like Israel, who needs enemies?

Scott Roth: Obama should just say, “I’m a bigger asshole than you want to be.”

Scott Roth: This is farcical. Nothing else to say. America must lead, by being the greatest purveyor of war.

Retweet Alex Kane: @alexbkane So now US politicians trashing Mubarak is the standard?

Retweet @TheDersh: Obama said Israel twice before Romney says it once, which means, basically, that Romney is like Hamas and Hitler rolled into one.

Scott Roth: Moderation in the Arab Spring, i.e., malleable people we can control like l’ancien regime. -Romney

Retweet Jake Tapper [email protected] president of Lynn U. says it’s pronounced boca ra-TONE Scott Roth [email protected] @jaketapper that’s how they say it there. My grandparents lived there for 20 years, didn’t yours too?

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