Vicious Friday attacks on Al Aqsa

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Friday’s violence against Al-Aqsa (Israeli police storm al-Aqsa compoundIsraelis celebrating Sukkot beat Palestinians worshipers also see video here) is the result of a months long public campaign by Israeli forces against both the mosque and Palestinians in East Jerusalem.  Electronic Intifada documented as early as February 10th, 2012 that Israeli politicians and their proxy army of settlers were actively attempting to destroy Al-Aqsa: Israel media publish, retract, then confirm calls for destruction of Al-Aqsa, “cleansing” of Israel’s “enemies”.  

Earlier this week, the same Israeli politician who published calls in February to destroy Al-Aqsa organized a rampage of the mosque: 
On Tuesday 2nd October, since the early hours of the morning, Likud member Moshe Feiglin, escorted by 50 settlers  performed their religious rituals, under the protection of the Israeli forces. Al-Aqsa Association for Waqf and Heritage reported that another group of 30 settlers entered to the mosque through Bab al-Magharbeh, and roamed in its yards. Israeli forces arrested four Palestinian Journalists, a TV photographer and a girl from inside al-Aqsa mosque. Dozens of Special Forces spread out in the mosque and forced Muslims, whose ages are less than 45, to go out of the mosque.
On Wednesday an Israeli court appeared to support the efforts of these violent extremists:
A Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge said Wednesday that the police should allow Jews to pray on the Temple Mount – an exceptional remark given that the High Court of Justice has ruled that policy on the Temple Mount is the sole purview of the police.

Now, Ali Abunimah at the Electronic Intifada has just posted this video from Friday morning’s attack of the Israeli military punching a young boy’s head into concrete:  Video: Israeli forces smash Palestinian child’s head to ground near Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa.

Here’s what’s been happening for the last 4 weeks, most recent on top: 

No condemnation from Arab rulers who only see the threat of Shi’ism in the region, not a single stone tossed by Muslims that were enraged by a 14 minute youtube clip, and certainly not a single condemnation will be uttered by the U.S. The silence from everyone, is deafening.

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