A speechless girl in Gaza

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This post originally appeared on Malaka Mohammed’s blog yesterday.

Gaza is now witnessing difficult moments! I live at Shijaeya, to the east of Gaza City. My region would be the first to be hit in any Israeli invasion. 3 days ago, 6 civilians were murdered and around 40 were injured in my region. Today, the same numbers were murdered but it seems the injuries will be more.

I had 2 sleepless nights lacking the ability to focus, study, or even sleep. At 2:00 am last night, I was still up relaxing after my little sisters had managed to go to sleep. Half an hour after sleeping, a house was targeted in the street where I live.

At that moment, my little 8-year-old sister woke up and started running and screaming “mama, mama, mama!”
Hugging and trying to calm her down, “Be strong!” I said

Just minutes ago, What I have just witnessed in my own eyes is indescribable! 2 martyrs, a river of blood, people crowding and running everywhere, ambulances, press, & the red is the color! One of the girls who was with me seeing the Israeli rocket when it hit next to us became speechless! She could neither speak nor walk! Trying to calm her down, I was helping her to walk and I was hoping to calm her by saying the only thing that came to my mind: “this is our fate; we should be as steadfast as we can. Palestine needs sacrifice to be free”

It was a long way and she was still unable to speak. We had to stop many times because she couldn’t walk and her body was shaking uncontrollably. It was so difficult to find a car so that we could reach her home quickly. Every five minutes, we heard a new bomb which made her shout in the street.

The way she is standing speechlessly, how her body is shaking led me to cry from inside. I pray on my every step that we can reach home and she can speak again. After walking for half an hour, we found a car.

The girl was still crying and hugging me. Her face is still on my mind. Remembering her, I can’t but cry! We finally reached her home. She saw her mother, hugging her, starting crying and shouting, “this is unfair.”

The moment I was in the car to my home to the east of Gaza City border, 5 new bombs were hitting places just by the border! I reached my house and I see my little sister crying! My God, what I should do in this situation except being steadfast! We will never give up.

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  1. Citizen
    November 15, 2012, 3:26 pm

    I can just see it, Obama telling all us Americans he empathizes with this little Palestinian girl same as he told us all he thought of Jewish Israeli girls asleep in their beds when the rabid Palestinians bombed them with rocket attacks. Obama does not even realize that his own mother would not support his foreign policy in the ME re Israel, nor would his biological father. Obama is very mediocre. No real leadership vision towards a better world.

    He just likes the material perks that use to go to WASPs while at same time, he can sing and play b-ball a tad.

    Obama care is very much for transfer of $ to medicaid blacks (75& of all black single mothers) from seniors (80% white, the likes of whom actually brought him up-his mommy’s side, not the African side).

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