Breaking: Protester in West Bank dies of injuries inflicted by Israeli soldiers

Rushdi Tamimi
Rushdi Tamimi

This just in. Rushdi Tamimi, attacked during a demonstration in the West Bank on Saturday against the Gaza assault, has died from his injuries. Ma’an:

18:16 A doctor at Ramallah hospital confirms Rushdi Tamimi has died. Israeli forces shot Tamimi, a Palestinian police officer, on Saturday at a protest in Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, against Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Reports Abir Kopty of the popular committees: “Rushdi Tamimi (31) passed away today, first martyr from West bank during protests for Gaza. This video shows Israeli soldiers dragging him and trying to arrest him while injured in Nabi Saleh on Saturday.”

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  1. blarmore says:

    If it’s at all possible, I hope you’ll attend the funeral tomorrow in the village. If it’s a repeat of Mustafa’s funeral, the IOF will spray the mourners with skunk water.
    Billi Jo

  2. according to this tweet there were two deaths:

    link to
    فَرَحْ Farah فَرَحْ Farah ‏@RoadToPalestine

    Israeli occupation shoots live ammunition at unarmed protesters killing two today in the West Bank: Rushdi Tamimi and Hamdi Fallah. #Gaza

  3. it’s hunting season for the soldiers lusting after their prey as if they were animals as the politicians stir their society towards genocide.

  4. crone says:

    Doesn’t sound as if ‘their society” needs much stirring ‘towards genocide.”

  5. Emma says:

    Maybe the most powerful film I’ve ever seen.

  6. Erasmus says:

    and the world, looks on or away…..
    let’s it happen and happen again
    without end?
    That is also the right to Israeli self-defense!
    The right to israeli self-defense = licence to kill!
    With impunity.