Couldn’t make this up — Official name of Israeli demolition plan for new East Jerusalem park is ‘They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012’

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The belongings of the Aramin family is seen after the Jerusalem municipality demolished their house, in the village of At-Tur, East Jerusalem, November 13, 2012(photos by Oren Ziv/

This is not a sick joke, it’s real.


“They Won’t Know and Won’t Understand 2012” – this is the name that was given to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority plan to demolish Arab structures and remove rubble in the area of the Mount Scopus Slope National Park, slated to be established in East Jerusalem.

The document, which has been obtained by Haaretz, details the preparations for clearing the site of the planned national park and states that the aim of the operation is “to prevent interference in designation of the area as a national park and the preservation of nature and landscape values.”

The “mission,” according to the document, is for the municipal authorities, with the help of the Jerusalem District of the Nature and Parks Authority and the command of the Jerusalem Police, to “act in accordance with a municipal bylaw to fill burrows and to remove hazards.”

A year ago, the Jerusalem Planning and Building Committee approved the plan to establish a new national park in the area of Mount Scopus. However, the plan was frozen by a court order due to a petition regarding the question of whether it is necessary to translate “They Won’t Know and They Won’t Understand” into Arabic.

Palestinian residents and left-leaning organizations in the city say the aim of the national park, like that of other parks and public gardens in East Jerusalem, is to prevent the development of the two adjacent Palestinian neighborhoods, Issawiya and a-Tur. The national park is slated to be constructed on areas designated in the past for expansion and will, in fact, create a situation in which the neighborhoods will not have anywhere to develop.


[T]he park is that it has no justification as far as nature and the landscape in the area, as most of the site consists of stretches with no vegetation or wildlife and very few archaeological sites of unusual value.

The Jerusalem municipality demolished another home in the East Jerusalem village of At-Tur today.

photoTarek Aramin looks at a uprooted tree, as he stands near the ruins of his house, demolished by the Jerusalem municipality, in the village of At-Tur, East Jerusalem, November 13, 2012.(Photo by: Oren Ziv/

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