Divorce is coming: Israeli-Americans vote overwhelmingly for Romney

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More evidence that we will see a divorce between American Jews and Israelis after this election. Mairav Zonszein at +972 reports on the expatriate American exit poll:

iVoteIsrael - the campaign that has worked hard to get American citizens living in Israel to vote absentee in next week’s U.S. presidential elections (and which I have been covering here since June and exposed to be a partisan, right-wing, anti-Obama initiative) – held a press conference Thursday afternoon in Jerusalem to announce the results of what they claim is the biggest exit poll of its kind ever conducted among American expats voting in an American election.

The campaign announced that a record number of 80,000 Americans who registered with them voted in this election, of which 85 percent voted for Republican candidate Mitt Romney, 14 percent for Obama (and 0.6 percent  for “Other”).

Obviously this group is lobbying American Jews the same way Ed Koch is. But it won’t work. These voting results will turn out to be the inverse of American Jewish results. And that will only raise consciousness about the differences between the two communities– leading to a split inside the American Jewish community, between a liberal majority that doesn’t like Netanyahu and the minority that embraces apartheid. Of course, that’s a hopeful reading. For now, our media are not telling Americans about apartheid conditions, so American Jews can keep talking about a Jewish democracy forever.

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