Ed Koch assures Jews, Obama will maintain ‘commitment to Jewish state’ in second term

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In endorsing Obama for a second term, Ed Koch offers himself as the mayor of American Jews:

I’m proud to stand with Obama because he’s listened to the Jewish community and proven himself a true friend of Israel….

Koch says he was proud to hear Obama talk in the last debate about his unbreakable bond with Israel; and the former mayor quotes the president’s Gaza-rains-rockets-on-Sderot line from that debate. So Obama throwing the Palestinians under the bus in that debate was a quid pro quo?

You can forget about the two state solution. Koch tells us that:

“I’m confident President Obama will continue in his unambiguous commitment to the Jewish state in the second term, building on his record of leadership by preventing Iran….”

That commitment includes relieving pressure on Israel to end its colonization project.

Then there’s this frank appeal to dual loyalty.

I’d hope my opinion would be enough for you. But I’m joined in my confidence by guys you might know, like Defense Minister Ehud Barak…

Colin Powell– who cares! Look what the top title is on the stack of books on Koch’s left: an Ariel Sharon biography.

Sharon book
Sharon book, at right

And Obama’s domestic policy? That comes at 3 minutes in. Thanks to Scott Roth.

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