For just $50, you can hear Wieseltier and Halevi talk about the US relationship with Israel

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As obsessed as I am with the Israel lobby, even I have been-there/done-that feelings about this event sponsored by the Jewish Week (official price $50). Frankly the only reason to go would be to hear some crazy stuff and laugh about it.

a “Special Conversation with Leon Wieseltier and Yossi Klein Halevi” on The Challenges Ahead: Israel and America presented by The Jewish Week Media Group on November 8 at 7:30

Discussion Highlights:

The future of American Jewry

The election’s impact on the Middle East

The fate of journalism

The showdown over Iran

Park East Synagogue, 164 E. 68th St. (between Lexington & Third Avenue)

Looks like the event is a big fundraiser. Never underestimate the power of the Israel lobby.

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