France’s Hollande slams Palestinians for getting uppity at UN

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Is this the lobby d’Israel at work? I thought France was a little bit neutral. Netanyahu visits Francois Hollande, and Hollande kisses up to him. Haaretz reports

Netanyahu criticized Palestinian efforts toward international recognition before a peace deal is reached, saying, “going to the UN with unilateral declarations is not negotiations. It’s the opposite of negotiations.”

Following talks with Netanyahu in Paris, Hollande called for an “unconditional” resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians. He added that France was still committed to a two-state solution in the Middle East but warned the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas against trying to force the issue unilaterally.

“There is the temptation of the Palestinian Authority to seek at the UN General Assembly that which it fails to obtain through negotiation,” he said, referring to Abbas’ plans to seek enhanced “non-member observer state” status at the UN for a Palestinian state. “Only negotiation can lead to a definitive solution to the situation of Palestine,” Hollande insisted.

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