From London to Cairo to Barcelona, Gaza assault sparks protests

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121117 edinbugh gaza protest
  Edinbugh protestors march on Scottish Parliament in protest against Israeli war crimes

Demonstrations sprung up worldwide over the last few days as supporters of Palestinian freedom in cities, towns and villages all across the world protested against Israel’s war on the tiny besieged Gaza Strip. This is a small sampling of photos from the global movement.

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Thousands march to US embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia 18 November 2012

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New York City

Berlin in front of the American Embassy:

East Jerusalem:

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Protesters marching inside Muslim Quarter in the Old City, East Jerusalem (photo: Allison Deger)

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Albuquerque protest (contact: Danya Mustafa)


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Thousands protested in Cairo Nov. 14, 2012 (Photo: Bernat Armangue /AP)

West London, thousands gathered outside the  Israeli embassy in west London Novermber 17, 2012

Some voices from London:


I’m here first because there’s a massacre y’know. There’s a complete injustice and the way the media reportin’ ’bout it lose the fact that Palestinian life is precious and valuable and it makes it into this thing that it’s a conflict. It’s not a conflict, it’s an oppressor and the oppressed.


We are here because enough is enough. As a human being we can no longer can tolerate this sort of abuse of innocent people children men women we cannot really accept that every time Israli government goes thru election what they have to do what they have to show, they have to show which one has more blood on their hand the one that has more blood on their hand the one more willing to killing more people innocent people then it becomes more eligible, more eligible to become elected. This actually say a really horrible message of not just about the politicians in occupied Palestine but it actually says a really horrible message of what the population of Israelis actually are motivated, they’re motivated by seeing who kills more …..


Metz, France:

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  Gathering on sidewalk in Metz, France show solidarity with Gaza (photographer unknown)


121117 boston gaza
  Boston Gaza protest

Istanbul, Turkey

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Warsaw, Poland:

On November 17th Polish Solidarity Campaign with Palestine (Kampania Palestyna)

Real News Network:

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