IDF spokesman posts blackface photo of himself as Obama, then issues non-apology

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Sacha Dratwa in black face Obama Style
Sacha Dratwa in black face Obama Style, at ASG

The above picture was posted by Israeli army social media official Sacha Dratwa on his Facebook page back in September, and reported three days ago by this site

Dratwa has tried to explain the picture:

There have been attempts to make use of private photos from my Facebook profile in order to publicly misrepresent my opinions. Due to the amount of public attention I’ve garnered in recent days I have decided to restrict access to my page, in order to protect my privacy and prevent further cynical use of the information therein.

I am, and have always been, completely candid about my beliefs and have nothing to hide – as reflected by my Facebook profile, which until recently was open to everyone. The aforementioned photos do not reflect my beliefs and have no bearing whatsoever on my position in the IDF.

By the way, Tablet ran a piece about Dratwa after this photo was posted. So did Gawker. Al Akhbar:

A photo uploaded on September 29 to the Facebook profile of the head of the IDF’s social media unit depicts the lieutenant posing with brown mud on his face under the caption: “Obama style.”

Until today, when the photo began to circulate outside of Israeli circles, none of Dratwa’s friends or any of the 1,639 subscribers appeared to have expressed misgivings about the photo. Curiously, Gawker ran a story about Dratwa’s public Facebook presence only yesterday featuring his photos – but omitted any reference to the brownface Obama one.

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