In dismissing 2-state solution, Romney echoed ‘Zionist sugar daddy’ — Guardian

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Guardian profile of Sheldon Adelson is straightforward about his potential influence on policy:

He is not shy about declaring his wealth. “You know,” he reportedly bragged to George W Bush, when he was president in 2008, “I am the richest Jew in the world.”

If few knew that then, many know now. Adelson has burst onto the international stage by becoming, as one observer noted, “sugar daddy” to zionist and conservative causes.

…Consciously or not, at a private fundraiser Romney echoed Adelson’s views when he appeared to dismiss a two-state solution and said the Palestinians had no interest in peace.

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  1. pabelmont
    November 2, 2012, 10:35 am

    C’mon, folks, all Romney meant is quite true — that the Palestinians cannot put up money in favor of their own parochial interests in the way AIPAC and ADELSON can put up money in favor of theirs. That’s how business is done! That’s negotiation! (“Interest in peace” my foot. He means foot-in-the-door, money-in-the-game, if you cannot stand the heat get out of the kitchen.)

    Romney is a businessman and says so, a “vulture capitalist” whose expertise in business is the use of power and wealth. He makes no pretenses otherwise.

  2. Citizen
    November 2, 2012, 2:17 pm

    Last week U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Israeli Finance Ministry Director General Doron Cohen met to sign an extension of the U.S.-Israel Loan Guarantee program in an event in the Diplomatic Room of the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

    According to a source on the Israeli side with knowledge of the meeting, however, the timing of Geithner’s appearance was unusual and somewhat peculiar.

    “Usually this is something that goes on between lower level officers. The Israeli Finance Ministry Director meets with U.S. officers and the agreement is signed. However, a few days before the scheduled meeting we got a call from U.S. officials telling us that Geithner will sign,” the source told The Algemeiner.

    According to the source Geithner’s appearance seemed especially convenient considering the upcoming U.S. election. “Before the election season it was not so easy to imagine meeting with Geithner. I don’t think Israel was in their priorities. But now before the election he came to sign the agreement. If the election was next year Geithner wouldn’t have shown up.”

    The source also noted that to his knowledge Timothy Geithner hadn’t met with Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz during his term as Treasury Secretary.

    President Obama signed legislation in July extending the U.S. loan guarantee program for Israel to 2016. This allows the U.S. to provide up to $3.8 billion in future loan guarantees as part of a $9 billion commitment made by the U.S. to Israel in 2003.

    So, the US, trillions in debt, signs up once again to have the US taxpayers underwrite Israeli debt, maintaining its credit rating, which is higher than America’s.

    $3 Billion in direct military aid ($4 Billion in 2012) as a regular thing, + another nearly $4Billion? Geez!
    Well, let’s see how Obama helps the working class whites with Sandy, and how the press handles it, and then compare Katrina handling by both the regime and the media.

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