In Photos: Aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Gaza City

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Mohammed Al-Zaanoun shares photos of an airstrike yesterday close to the Al Shijaeyah Market, east of the Gaza City center.

(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
A building on fire is in downtown Gaza, a just west of Shija’eyah district.
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
(Photo: Mohammed Al-Zaanoun)
About Mohammed Al Zaanoun

Mohammed Al Zaanoun an award winning Gaza based photojournalist, has been working for a number of media outlets as a photographer for at least ten years. He has taken pictures of many wars on Gaza, and has taken pictures for the Arab Spring in both Syrian and Egypt. His work has won a number of awards, last of which is the Al-Sharijah in the UAE for best Palestinian photojournalist. Mohammed also works for a local Humanitarian relief group where he documents their work and the struggle of Palestine in post wars.

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