Israeli urges world to ‘deny us business and culture’ to force change from militancy

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In “My people who say yes to death,” Yuval Ben-Ami at +972 writes that Israel has only one answer to Palestinian aspirations– violence– and the people approve it. In a word, the country has lost its soul, and boycott is all that will bring it to heel. Some wise Americans have cottoned to the Israeli tragedy (Steve Walt, John Mearsheimer, Yousef Munayyer, David Remnick), but our media generally continue to paint Israel as enlightened, even as it now threatens our national security. This is why we will see liberal Americans and even former liberal Zionists coming out for BDS in months to come: the rogue state must be tamed. Ben-Ami:

A survey conducted in Gaza this September showed that a majority of its residents would prefer Fatah to Hamas if elections were held. Early this month President Mahmoud Abbas spoke again of a two state solution and even hinted at compromising on the right of return.

What could Israel do in light of this but start a war? Israel can’t deal with peace. It has become a war machine, and I’m not referring only to its over-militant decision makers and those who take their orders. Decades of media bias and dogmatic education managed to turn its citizens into a blinded mob that always support violence…

We Israelis deserve the eternal war we live in. We deserve our murderous government, which is now sailing to the safe port of reelection on a river of Gazan (and some Israeli) blood. We deserve all that for saying yes to death again and again, but the Palestinians, who suffer of the same Bibi’s whims, don’t. They actually reach out for peace, both on the popular level and in formal speeches. Well, maybe not anymore. Not at the moment, not even if the ceasefire does come tonight. Yet another opportunity massacred.

Can we change? Should we never say die? Should I ask all of you, my readers around the world, to put pressure on us, to deny us business and culture so that we are forced to evolve? I don’t know anymore. Do so but without great expectations.

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