Letter from Khan Yunis: ‘Our blood is being shed every day and the world has yet to learn that we are human beings’

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Palestinians gather around a destroyed house in Khan Yunis, November 19, 2012. (Reuters/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa via RT)

A message for the world:

On UN Children’s day, it is also the 7th day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza.

I admit I’m not strong enough to bear all of these awful things. It’s so hard to see innocence being killed in such atrocious way, civilians being killed, elderly being killed, women being killed and moreover children being killed. What crime have they committed to deserve what is happening to them?!! How ironic it is that while the world celebrates Children’s day, Zionist aggression has killed more than 26 children of Gaza. If Israel is the most democratic country in the middle east, then fuck such a democracy !

For all the world: we don’t need your tears. We can cry all the day ourselves. We need you to act, to act against your governments which support Israel, act now against your silence.

I join my voice to those of my comrades here in Gaza to say that WE ARE NOT NUMBERS. Yes, we are not just numbers, we are human beings. We have feelings and passions, we have blood, we have hearts in our chests, we have families who care about us, we have friends, and we deserve to live just as you do.

Our blood is being shed every day and the world has yet to learn that we are human beings.

Act now to stop this massacre against Palestinians, act now to stop the ongoing Israeli aggression against Gaza.

Don’t just watch us while we are being killed: Israel gets its immunity from your silence, so please don’t let your silence further this aggression. Our defense is about our existence, is about our right to be or not to be. I may be killed at any moment because every Palestinian is a target for inhuman Zionist aggression. I just want my
words to reach you, not just for you to read them and feel sorry for us, but to touch your hearts and for you to act now!

About Maissa Abdul-Halim

Maissa Abdul-Halim, 22, is a student at Al-Aqsa university in Gaza. She has volunteered with Mercy Corps, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, and other groups in Gaza.

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  1. kalithea
    November 20, 2012, 7:42 pm

    Yes, we all need to take to the streets to protest our governments’ support for Zionism and to reach those who are ignorant of your long struggle in captivity. I feel your words and pain. I pray for your freedom from the scourge of Zionism. I can’t stand that my government kisses Zionist ass. My government does not represent me and many others who feel as I do that what Zionists are doing to you and your people is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. I want my government to stand for humanity, justice, freedom and equality for ALL even Palestinians under Zionist Occupation and rule. Never give up fighting for your rights and your land; many are with you pushing for your freedom and crying out against our ignorant governments on your behalf.

    I pray for your safety, your life, your freedom on YOUR LAND and that of all your people.

  2. Les
    November 20, 2012, 7:53 pm

    For once MJRosenberg isn’t blaming this on AIPAC.

    Nov 20 2012
    Gaza: What is Obama’s Problem?

    I will make this short and not very sweet.

    The defense I hear of President Barack Obama’s refusal to criticize Netanyahu’s war on Gaza is that he has bigger fish to fry. The budget deal is more important. Climate change is more important. Relations with China are more important.

    Why, I am asked, should he waste good will he will need on those issues by criticizing Israel?

    The thinking beneath this reasoning is that since AIPAC controls the whole world Obama must be very careful not to antagonize it. It is a strangely anti-Semitic argument.

    Yes, AIPAC does indeed control our Middle East policy. But it does not yet have the power to sabotage a president’s entire program because he criticized its country. It is as if Obama has been so brainwashed by the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Susan Rice and Debbie Wasserman Shultz that he believes that if he even expresses sympathy for the dead kids of Gaza, AIPAC will destroy his presidency.

    It won’t. They won’t care. Every other president has “gotten away” with attempts at being compassionate if not even-handed. He can too. What is he so afraid of?

    The fact is that President Barack Obama could end this deadly conflict if he wanted to. Netanyahu and AIPAC would fold if this second term president with a new mandate actually tried to be an “honest broker” between the two sides.

    But he won’t. He won’t even express compassion. But it is not because of what AIPAC could do to him. It appears to be simply because he does not give a damn. Or not enough of a damn to risk a few nasty phone calls from Israel First donors.

    For once, I don’t blame AIPAC. I blame this president. A president without compassion.

    What a terrible disappointment.

    • MHughes976
      November 21, 2012, 5:03 am

      My guess is that Obama is a natural moderate and maker of compromises who has convinced himself that quiet diplomacy is always the answer. When it doesn’t work he tries more and yet more of it. This combination with the Israeli belief that force is always the answer has horrible results.

    • American
      November 21, 2012, 8:37 am

      I go along with some of MJ lament, but not all.
      Obama doesn’t care ‘enough’ to step into the political cesspool of appearing as not totally supportive of “Israel’s right to defend itself” and upholding the Israel is the benign democratic victim myth.

      But the way the house and senate work as everyone knows is by trade-offs.
      Dems like Schumer and the I- first club will obstruct Obama or block him on other issues if he goes off the reservation on Israel. They’ve done it before.

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