Little hands

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Little hands
soft and round
cupped crayons,

in the corner of the paper,

drew smiley sun painted yellow

butterflies, swings, and green meadows,
huddled family, a house with small windows,
and a cloudless sky with a rainbow,

Little dreams,
thoughts of the unknown
as adventure bigger than their small world

Where they roam, float, and soar,

Laugh and agelessly grow,

Little hands,

But big tanks,

With calloused hands,

Found the house of small windows,

Tore the crayoned rainbow

Soft and round
became soon pillars of clouds,

Buried into the ground
so small a shroud
so quite a sound,

Little souls

Soared with the dew
roamed with the dunes
Left our world too soon,

Little hands
now will rain young forever,
no longer drawing dreams on paper,
Little hands,
cup your hands together
and pray for their hands to be tied
forever and ever.

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