More divorce news: US Jews ‘don’t care enough about Israel’s survival’

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More on the coming divorce between American Jews and Israel. The LA Jewish Journal’s Sammy Levine proselytizes American Jews to care about Israel for the sake of Jewish safety here. (Thanks to Annie).

According to an American Jewish Committee survey, when asked what political issue was most important to them, 4.5% of American Jews said U.S- Israeli relations, and a paltry 1.3% said Iran’s nuclear program. This is very troubling. If American Jews don’t care enough about Israel’s survival, and preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, then who will?

Jews in America clearly underestimate how important a strong and prosperous Israel is to the collective Jewish psyche. After all, the welfare of Israel is not disconnected from that of American Jews. If something terrible were to happen to Israel, or should there be a mass migration of Jews out of Israel, the status of the Diaspora would be negatively impacted forever, including in the United States.

Yes, Daniel Gordis wrote about this too:

The Jewish life that American Jews take for granted is actually dependent on the existence of the same Jewish state from which many young Jews now distance themselves.

…Without the State of Israel, the self-confidence and sense of belonging that American Jews now take for granted would quickly disappear….

A successful campaign to delegitimize –and possibly destroy – Israel could undo much more than the Jewish state. It could radically alter American Judaism as we know it.

They’re both wrong. You don’t save the Jews by embracing apartheid. You save Jews by embracing human rights for all.

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