My little child

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This photo inspired me to write these words…

My little Child,

One day you will return to your normal life, you’ll go back to your school,

You will walk along the streets that you used to walk and play at,

Everything is going to be as it is but with a “FEW” changes:

the streets are completely destroyed,

Martyrs here and there, dust is everywhere,

you will no longer see the buildings that were in the neighborhood ,just smoke and fire that comes out of them.

You will no longer play with your best friend because the ghost of death has lifted off his life,

But don’t worry about him, he’s happy here, he’s a little bird in Paradise .

You will no longer see the faces that you used to see.

One day you will grow up, I will be there…

Oh baby! Don’t cry,I can see loads of questions through your eyes,

Don’t be surprised all of these feelings are from the aftermath of war, all of these questions are from the world’s silence.

Please do not cry, wash your tears with a hopeful, loving smile,

The brave men never cry

My little child, one day, I will see you as the bravest man

A man that will defend his rights, his land and his just cause, and one day I will see you as the most beautiful groom with his most beautiful bride,

I will type a kiss on your forehead and on hers,

It’s all right that Allah chose me to be beside him,

I promised myself that my soul will always be around you…

Yes baby, Smile… Smile, and never lose your faith in God,

Just promise me to be strong enough to convey our just cause to the whole world and tell them that my parents have paid their lives to deliver it,

Tell them that we are human beings, we dream to live a life of dignity,

Tell them that through the death we sing for love, life and peace.

My little child, I have to go now, please take care of your little brother,

Tell him that death separated our bodies but it can never separate our souls,

I will always be there,

Just be strong,

be one hand to defend your just cause, to overbear your enemy!

With love and peace from Gaza

About Maissa Abdul-Halim

Maissa Abdul-Halim, 22, is a student at Al-Aqsa university in Gaza. She has volunteered with Mercy Corps, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, and other groups in Gaza.

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