Pro-settler Israeli organization calls for an end to US aid to Israel

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The above video was produced for the “Free Zion” campaign which sees U.S. aid to Israel as an encroachment on Israeli sovereignty. I like the guy you first see at about the 1:05 mark. I was just waiting for him to say, “U.S. aid to Israel? Fuggedaboutit!”

From the campaign website:

The money Israel receives from the United States has for decades allowed Washington to infringe on Israel’s sovereignty. Since the early 1970s, successive US administrations have placed heavy pressure on Israel’s leadership to comply with America’s policy agenda for the Middle East – an agenda that often places Israel in positions of weakness vis-à-vis her neighbors.

Using the aid as diplomatic leverage, US officials have succeeded in removing a number of Israeli leaders from office and pressuring others to perpetrate crimes against their people. In recent years, Israeli prime ministers have begun to view themselves not as the heads of an independent state but rather as vassal rulers for a foreign power. Rather than act in the interest of their people, these leaders often seek American approval for major policy decisions, especially those pertaining to diplomacy, trade and national defense.

It has become increasingly clear in recent years that foreign aid is generally used by Washington as a means of controlling developing countries viewed as strategically important to US foreign policy while at the same time funneling most of the money back to American companies (arms, oil, construction, etc.). Once dependent on the money, these countries come under the control of the US government and are bullied into cooperating with Washington’s global agenda.

Israel’s current situation directly contradicts the essence of Zionism, which states that the Jewish people should be responsible and empowered to forge their own national destiny. American aid has arguably been the major factor in eroding Israel’s sovereignty in recent decades and when the flow of money is finally cut, the State of Israel will once again become an independent country capable of securing the Jewish nation’s future.

The website also includes this interesting tidbit on why the Jewish establishment in the United States is so insistent on US aid to Israel:

Ethnic Jews currently living in the United States overwhelmingly support and often lobby (albeit not as aggressively as Lockheed Martin) for American aid to Israel, not because the Jewish state genuinely needs the money but because an economic and political connection between the government they live under and the government of their people’s country allows them to feel a greater sense of personal security in a foreign land. The notion of Israel serving as a United States fortress in the Middle East allows America’s Jewish community to believe it can avoid ever having to confront questions of dual-loyalty.

Looks like those divorce papers are on the way.

The campaign is run by a movement called the Zionist Freedom Alliance, which advocates for Greater Israel, supports the settler movement and seems to see itself as working in the footsteps of the Stern Gang. The Zionist Freedom Alliance has also been active on US campuses, check out this post from Yaman Salahi on their reception at Berkeley.

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